How does the arena gold work?

Sheepie 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 4

I have been playing this game for over a year now and I am still not sure how the arena gold works.  When I was at 659 points in the arena I could win/lose 110 gold per match.  Now I am at 715 points at the time of writing this and i can win/lose 105 gold per match.  Does the gold per match depend on your rank on the leaderboard or does it correspond with the top players arena points (at the time of writing this it is master of the weapons at 746 points)?  I was never really sure.

no idea, didnt even know that you lose/gain money while paying arena, +1 this needs to be seen by an expert

Idk, you should get +1 gold to win/lose for every 10 points you get in arena, this is bug I think. Or you just fell down in leaderboard because of some no-life kids which have no homeworks and they all the time play on computer and phones. Even in school.

Last time I experimented with that it depended on just the arena rank..?

ok I think i founded out for my self.  The top player in the arena gets 110 gold per match.  When his points go up everyones gold per match goes down.  I watched my gold pre match today while watching when ever master fought in the arena.