A Risk

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Ey, it's a bow post. Not a hate one.

A compromise.

It's the oof guy here.

Uh... Well... In medieval times bowmen usually didn't have a shield, so I guess that could happen in Wilds right?

Of course, bows may need a buff.

I don't like this idea really, Idk but it's something.

In essence, bowmen will not have shields.

pretty good.  I think bows are very unbalanced right now so anything to debuff them or get them out of the arena works for me.


Taking the shield away would be DRASTIC. That would encourage bow users to just run even more. Add a buff, and you have runners with(I assume) even better bows then they have now. They wouldn't be able to black charge attack, or kicks very well.

There shouldn't be ranged weapons in arena.

Nerf: What pate said, if you do enough damage to someone, you get an arrow back, if you shoot an arrow, you lose one.

This way people with skill will be able to use bow a heck of a lot better than the spamming jerks, and still not quite as much as before.

I don't like the limited arrows idea...

Imagine what spamming means. Shooting arrows very fast.

Just bring down the reload!

But if we have limited arrows, it will make the good players really stand out with bow. The annoying people who do just spam would have consequences and be forced to learn how to kick, roll, and attack without depending on arrows.

Making the reload slower would also work, but it would be less affective

I like this compromise because it will stop bowmen from dodging effectively. Not only that, you can still block with the clash mechanics so this is an idea I like very much.

I don’t think so it’s good idea because it will make archers a damn rabbits. I suggest repair kick and maybe bring back old bow shooting dmg and speed shot.


True, but this is ideal for arena. Maybe juse take it away in arena?

No one would play bow in arena anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Is that a problem fixed, or not? I thought bow was too op in arena..?

Isn't that the debate? Bows shouldn't be used?

Yeah, this is too extreme of a nerf. Blocking is essential to the gameplay for all players. This would encourage archers to avoid melee fights and just spend time running. I say we need to fix the kick before we pass judgement on the bow nerf.

So they can't shield kicks or shield bash? That's not fair to the people who melee with a bow (me).