About the muted filter

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Warning to all you special snowflakes: Curse words ahead *gasp*

Is it really necessary to have the word "fuck" cause a mute? Remember that everyone who wants to swear can just say bitch, pussy, fck, cunt and others. It's a very poor filter for swearwords, mainly because most of them just slide right through. 

That being said, is any kind of chat filter really necessary? Other words will always be used if swearwords are banned. It's not the word itself, but how its meant. If everyone agrees "Blueberry Pink Bear" is offensive, then everyone will use that as a swearword. Banning specific words doesn't stop toxicity; it just changes slightly. 


Why are you complaining about the filter? Would you rather them mute the word "fuck" or mute every curse word? If they muted every curse then nobody would talk, because lots and lots of  online players are very vulgar. I don't think we should un-mute the word because first of all: as you said, we can already replace it with other words. Hell, we can even make variations like "fuq" and so on and so forth. Second of all: we're preventing people (especially of the younger range) from dropping the F-bomb like it's something out of Eddie Murphy Raw both online and in real life. I'm not gonna dislike your topic (I won't dislike an idea just because I disagree with it), but this this is the way I see it. 

Okay, I guess I explained this poorly (I admittedly was too lazy to edit it). It wasn't a complaint so much as a genuine question. I don't care that much whether or not it is muted, but it just seems pointless. 


Banning the f-bomb may help prevent the kiddies from directly saying the word "fuck"  but just cutting it out doesn't mean they magically stop understanding what the word means. Cutting out any word just means that people will change specific words or phrases and continue being just as toxic. Sure, little Timmy might not pick up the habit of dropping the f-bomb at school, but calling someone a stupid piece of retarded dirt isn't better. Timmy is not blind. He understands that “fuq”, “fck”, “fak”, and “fuck” all mean the same thing.  I think a good example of this is in the game Town of Salem where all swear words are turned into "flummery" and "townie" and all kinds of PC nonsense and yet vulgarity still exists.  

tldr: "Fuck" and "fck" mean the same thing to the younger range, and to us. Why ban one when we will just use the other? 

Me likey, but me agree with BILBOO

Well, since this game is open to the damn internet, everyone is going to swear a crapton...

And the fact that we're tryna make it "kid-friendly"....

Swear words aren't the only problem we have, we have similar problems such as racism, stereotypical "toxicity", political propaganda (Seriously, no joke), cyberbullies/trollers, and a lot of crap that can't really be dealt with at all in the chat feed. The only way to solve this is if a muting option for specific players was implemented.

I'll stay neutral on this whole "muting" topic, cause this....not sure where to put it at all...

Stayin' neutral... Like others,

I think Rez should add MAYBE more moderators (Though not too much) that can mute. Or give Egg that ability

This isn't a big issue. It's like what bilbooo said. Yes the filter is inconsistent. But is it a big problem? Yes, maybe rez should create a better filter, but still, this isn't a big issue

I know it's not a big issue, but it just seems kind of pointless.


It's not useless. It's pointless to someone who does swear a lot because it gets in their way.

I'm too lazy to repeat myself so I'll just respectfully disagree.


What about atheists?Agnostics?Budhists?Hindhuses?

 I wouldn't recommend doing that.

I just used adblock+ to remove chat, but you have to be careful not to delete the game...

Link to download: https://adblockplus.org/

To do it: press the red octagon with ABP in white on it, go to delete element, and you will see what happens.

Be aware that this will delete all universal chat.