Staff Buff

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Note: If you are too lazy to read, just read the underlined thing at the bottom.

Lets just look at the cons:

1. Needs stamina to attack, which means no running and no chasing runners.

2. Projectiles are kicked back and blocked, hitting is very tough

3. The special attack "freezes" people, they can move after being hit and. Also hitting them is near impossible, so even if you do it really doesn't help. When you get hit with another weapon you instantly lose hp, moving after getting hit should not be a thing. Also, the freeze doesn't actually do any damage. You can throw a weapon though.

4. Attacks need to load.


1. ....

There is nothing special about this weapon, or anything that gives it an edge.


So would make some changes to the staff since I like to play in close combat and I don't like running away while fighting.

1. Ult: I might as well use a bow at this point, it should be as fast as the bow. The bow does damage, this won't so having the same speed should be fair. Also, the player should not be allowed to move.

Or to save time, the thing that should be changed at least if not else will is that there should be no loading for normal attack, I'm already paying with my stamina and the ult is useless, my attacks are either launched back at me or are blocked. This is the thing that would make it good.

Please upvote this post. I have played with almost every weapon except staff and bow and I'm getting bored.


Yeah, staff is absolute cancer in arena. 


maybe make freeze stay for longer and make projectiles follow the cursor like bow someday


and make special imposible to block or kick


Here's what I think: the ice mage special should be quicker, and the regular swing attack should either be quicker or do more damage. Every attack does one hit point damage, so a buff for the left click swing is the least we could do.

I actually like the idea of the staff using up stamina! It forces you to use the most underappreciated tool (*ahem* the stamina potion *ahem*)! I think the ice mage staff is fun. I get good leads, and I get to wreak havoc with haste and clone potions!

P.S. I didn't vote on the topic srry 0_- 

This seems of a more direct "opinionated" idea on how to buff the staff, as you fail to state the fact that each weapon has it's strengths; the ice staff is mainly used as a support weapon and primarily used by people with great skill and timing.

Yes, the bow literally overpowers the ice staff by far on it's difficulty to use and it's ability to have an easier projectile tracking. 

The only things that make the ice staff hard to use is that it has a slower projectile tracking and it's always stamina hungry.

But, you must consider that there are multiple ways to negate the cons of the ice staff, as it is one of the hardest weapons to master.

Since, there are multiple people who struggle on mastering this weapon, I would just say to lower the stamina cost or a slightly faster projectile speed. There are many items that can pair with the ice wand to make it effective as possible: Stamina Potions, Grapple Hooks, Explosives (Or throwing anything).

Remember: The special of the ice wand is not useless nor underpowered. With timing, a frozen person can mean death, or a crapton of damage, either by bombing, throwing weapons or knives, or whatever.

I want the staff to be as effective as claws without the use of potions, killing people in arena with a staff is very difficult, in fact killing anyone that can kick and block almost all of your projectiles is hard to kill if they are on the defensive 100% of the time assuming I only use the staff to kill them.

I just think that staff is terrible with my style, I don't like running away while attacking for 10 minutes with the hopes that the projectiles will finally hit them. I should have mentioned that I want the weapon to be playable in arena.

Without items there is nothing that makes this weapon stand out.

Also, what is the point of being some support loser at the back? I play solo.

I will give this weapon a chance and see if it actually worth its time and umm "master it".


THERE SHOULDN'T BE A-- YOU KNOW, A-- stamina usage. It's not like you're running. Maybe magic could be added to the top of the stamina bar; there would be magic potions. People look down on the ice staff and bow for ONE reason: They're really bad at doing some ACTUAL short-range projectiles. I would want ice staff to have a different special because it NEVER helps. Usually there is something to hide around, which is the WORST THING EVER!!!!You have to use your special to freeze them and hit them twice or something and then the runner will either go to the fort or continue running. Going to the fort is easier to do, but it wastes stamina trying to jump into the fort. I'd personally just have a guillotine on the top and bottom because THE FORT AND EVERYTHING IN IT IS THE WOOOORST! Bring back ruins. Also having one of the earlier posts, I have to chase down runners which ALSO wastes valuable stamina. If the map were a bit easier to hit people inside, I'd LIKE fort. But there can't be that. D: