Special Attack, Special Effect

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    So a lot of us are getting bored? That's understandable. I'm sure a lot of long time players want something new, whether it's a new map, mode, or mechanics. Today I have new mechanics.

   Ya know how the ax special can disable mines? Yeah, well it's something like that, but instead every special has a unique ability. Here's what I got:

   The Ax

Same as usual (disables mines)

   The Bow   

One: The special attack can automatically blow up mines. What I mean is that when a mine is placed down, if a fire arrow comes in contact with it, it will automatically detonate. Or two: If a fire arrow touches a campfire then the campfire will be lit just a little bit.

   The Spear

The special attack can evade any item, if you time it right. If a grenade or mine blows  while you're in the air, well hip-hip hoorah! You just saved your limbs from becoming not limbs! 

The Ice Mage Staff

One: freeze a thrown knife. Keep in mind that if you manage to freeze a knife mid-air, you can pick it up and put it in your inventory. Or two: take out the fire on a camp fire, unless you or a teammate made it (I say this to prevent trolling).

*The Hammer

*(The hammer can already break the fort gate, so I wont put anything for the sake of not making it overpowered)

   The Sword

The sword special can reverse a rope attack. What I mean is that if someone tries to rope you and you use a sword special, you lure the opponent into your attack instead of thee opponent taking you in. Either that, or you can simply cut the rope (HA). These won't be very easy to do.

   The Claws

One: cut trees with a special or Two: avoid spike traps with enough momentum in the special attack

That's about it. Let me know what you liked or disagreed with, and if you picked one or two for the claws, bow, or ice mage staff. Know that when I say "one or two", I'm giving you options, it doesn't mean I want both. Also, I'm not trying to replace anything that these weapons can already do; rather, I'm trying to add some spice (and some ice) to them to keep people entertained with the game or add some fun to it. Happy hacking 'n slashing, and try not to lose any limbs out there!


If you have an idea for the hammer, then by all means, share it.


I think the hammer is fine. Because the special already has a shockwave similar to axe: it can hit you from behind your shield. It's annoying, so I think the hammer is fine. Maybe the shockwave can knock away knives or disable mines...?

any idea that does not cuase cancer is a good one



Can you spell "cause" correctly?

And no idea causes cancer in the forum


 spear one would piss so many people off. Also, a way to avoid a rope-bomb? that's awesome.


...The fact that the grapple hook literally cancels out the claw's or the hammer's special, while grappling someone that activates the sword's special, doesn't cancel it out at all, making you take the damage.

The claw's special on cutting tree's with it's special attack...doesn't really make sense at all... (Nothing actually makes sense nonetheless), we already have weapons for certain jobs and such. The claw's second special on the other hand could be possible, but by looking at how the spikes activate almost immediately and how large the spike hitboxes are, I'm not sure that would be possible. The spear's special, on the other hand, is able to go through the spikes as you are able to go over it, BUT: Getting thrown over the spikes by an ogre, causes inevitable death.

The sword's special on the other hand though...

As I've already stated, using a grapple hook on the sword's special will not cancel the sword's special at all. Making the grapple hook prone to being cut off, may seem a tad bit overpowered... And making the sword's special able to bring the opponent to you if he/she uses a hook, doesn't actually make sense...since the sword's special swings the sword's blade horizontally in a 360 motion. If you would want that to logically make sense, the sword has be spinning vertically (Somehow ;-;?), or else the hook would be cut off.

Everything else seems great, and I personally don't think the hammer need's "special reworks".

(The logical reasoning here may be very unreasoning and extremely annoying, as nothing makes sense in Wilds.io)


I understand every thing you're saying, but about the claws: I'm not a big fan of using the claws. I'm not saying they're bad, it's just not for me. I struggled A LOT on coming up with the claw's special new mechanic (Lmao I almost forgot they existed before I looked over the topic) due to my inexperience with them. Spike evasion was about as unique of an idea as I could get with them. Hopefully someone can come up with a better idea.

Now the sword... let me try to think of something else...

1: Block out knife throws? No deflecting the knife, and you can pick it up once you hit it. (unless someone else snatches it from you). Or 2: The knife 'll ricochet off of the special.

Well, blocking out knife throws is kinda-ish in the game already...while using the special, you are basically an iron wall of invincibility, so any thrown item (Except explosives), will be disintegrated when it comes in contact with you.

However, a knife ricocheting from the special could be very useful, and it makes total logical sense. This could be applied to other projectiles as well: Throwing weapons, ice bolts (Spell Parry?), or arrows (Somehow)...


Currently, if you rope someone during their sword special, it won't cancel the special and it will drag them to you: in other words, you screwed yourself(unless you rope them over the spikes or worm or something). So having the sword reverse ropes will basically do the same thing, and having it cut ropes will be a nerf to the sword special(which might be a good thing; the sword special is definitely really strong already). 

The ricocheting knife might be too op. Does the sword special really need a buff like that? Like I said, it's already very strong. I think that the blocking knives thing is the best option, because the sword user is rewarded with a knife, but it's not really that much of a buff to sword gameplay.

i dont like the idea of fire arrows because it was kind of... impossible

So is that a no to both the campfire and the mine ideas? I was leaning more towards the campfire lighting idea.


Bow #1 where it blows up mines is definitely too op. It's a rope bomb, but without a rope, and much easier to do... But everything else is fine. 

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from. So I assume you prefer the campfire idea?

What SHOULD be done in my opinion

Everything with the claws and ranged are TOTALLY FINE with me. The problem is that the special attack cooldown is WAAY too fast. It's just kind of spamming the special attack lightly. Cooldown is just too short.

Why it hasn't been done yet


What is bad for the game

1. Claws getting stronger. You NEED to get the new players a decent chance.

2. Inventory expansion. ROPE BOMB!!!

When I last played wilds (which was probably before 2017 or something), I thought the claws special cooldown is just about 3~5 seconds faster than a few other specials.

Response to the 3rd extremely noticeable title:

I'm pretty sure claws isn't the main problem in this game (in my opinion).

Rope bombs are manageable, yet I don't think anything that you said will come true :l Pretty unnecessary in my opinion.

Also I just realized that your post has nothing in relation to this post (a bare minimum, if you're counting "specials" and "totally fine" in my perspective of your message), so I'll just throw my reply here and hope nothing insane happens.

hammer should break gates, idk