Golens and Caves

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Upon entering the cave, we would find a corridor, which would lead to a large room where there would be a large stone with holes, inside would put five guns, if this were done, the stone would summon a giant stone Golem, a chief in the game. When dead, the Golem would abandon the coins, several crystals, which could be a new kind of coin in the game, a kind of exchange for the "black market," another new mechanic.
When the Golem hit his hand on the ground, all players who were very close would become petrified and the stone statues would be broken when the player recovered, an instant death.
The golem would be slow, but his life would be colossal, far greater than that of the ogre. It would generate every 4 hours maybe, but it would be very difficult to win. The entrance to the cave would be on a rocky mountain, which could be kept away from any clutter of players.
Before saying that this idea is a "plagiarism" of a recently published idea, I defend myself. I had this idea a long time ago, and, like I said, I created this account recently so I can not post it now.

Obviously this is not the best time to post such a big and heavy idea, but if that post gets lost in the ocean of posts about the new bugs of the recent update, I might republish that idea in the future.

I had the cave idea first.   :P

EAT RULES maybe he mean this would be the continuation of your topic

"I might republish that idea in the future." and we will report it duplicate xD

However +1..good continuation

Golens are not things of clash royale, are elements of acient mythological cultures, friend

ok friend hahaha

Golems* xD

Besides, Rezoner said that he doesn't want ideas for a new boss. Even so, we would need another lobby dedicated to this one boss fight.

It is not a continuation and a publication of one of my old ideas, it is not my fault if it published first =/

What if my idea was published 3 hour ago?

then you can go to law court. Max. penalty is 20 years in prison.

Alright then forget this idea, blow up this post and we all leave happy

We did not say this ... And we do not want this

The idea is nice but the problem is that Rez is busy in other things now .... I don't know if he can add your idea and even if he will do it in many months

If you want that Rez add your idea you have to work hard because it is incomplete now

New cave and Golem monster

the cave could be situated where the current goblin spawn is. it would have cliff walls inside and black beyond that. it would have a rock monster/Golem in the main chamber it would be the same as the yeti but have x2 health and 2/3 as much health regeneration. it would stand back up 20 seconds after being knocked out and when it dies release 4-6 crystals worth 2 coins each. crystals would ignore the maximum amount of money you can earn in a day to attract more players to the cave.

how about that?

Reminds me of the golem in the lihzard temple from terraria

Minecraft player detected ... [Not that I'm not too :v] 
(I'm just joking, Good idea)

...I literally read this as if it was a dialogue in Dark Souls....Good concept and idea, could use a little bit of more info...


I like the idea, but it's hard to imagine a Golem fitting into a game like wilds. I definitely like the idea of a cave; it'd be pretty spookalicios if I do say so myself.