tribe map glitch

kanguror 3 weeks ago • updated by A R C A N I N E 2 weeks ago 7
do you see the red coloured tribe? its my tribe. i have one questionwhat the F%#$ HAPPEND TO IT? I CANT EVEN SEE ITS CAPITALITS EVERYWHERE


capital  -  its everywhere

Sorry, but I don't know how the map even works anymore. I see tribe colors change and get rearranged, tribes disappearing, and lots of tribes not even growing at all.

 This red thing you're talking about might be purposeful in a way. Maybe it's because your tribe has been getting good scores which causes your tribe to conquer random territories on the map, but that's only my theory. It could be that or just an error.



Capitalists everywhere

Maybe two tribes have a similar colour? I dunno... 

What was the problem again?

i ment my tribe is everywhere so i cant see its capital and no, there is only one red tribe

Maybe that's just what rezoner wanted... You have different plots of land. Special tribe :P


kabile haritası açma mıvar

Hey my tribe is in that picture :D