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this idea is simple. add pets. now i'm not talking about cute little unicorns that float beside you player. i'm talking about rough sidekick animals. the ones i have thought of so far are:

wolf: cost 3000

the wolf acts like a goblin but it has 3 health (a normal player has 8) and 2 damage. it hangs out beside you but when you click on a player on another team the wolf attacks it like a goblin. when killed the wolf releases nothing. it re appears beside you 40 seconds after death.

it can be trained 5 times. each time costs 1000 coins and each time increases its speed by 5% its health by 1 and its size by 10%

sand worm: cost 3400

the sand worm follows you around. it is 50% smaller than usual. instead of killing a player it deals 2 damage. if you get two far away from the sand worm it disappears

and re appears beside you 5 seconds later. you can upgrade the sand worm 3 times. each time costs 1500 coins and increases the sand worms damage by 1 and size by 10%.

dragon: cost 6000

the dragon is a sky creature. when you summon it which you can do with a re lode of 1 minute. it swoops down and picks up the closest creature unless they roll out of the way in time. that player is the carried away and dropped after about 10 seconds. it takes no damage apart from the fall which deals 1 damage.if upgrades for 3000 coins there is also a chance that it will just fly over and breath fire in a long line. all players who don't get out of the way of it take 2 damage.

you can only have 1 pet selected at a time.


i like pets/companions but in your idea they will be too strong because of dmg.  Pet should act only as small help, and with upgrades they can deal more dmg than player.


Woah woah woah, wait, why you are pet too? :D

Idea is nice,but their strenght should be nerfed,instead of that there could be rideable ones which require saddles that can be bought in shop.It wouldn't be bad to add their own inventory slots,but that's just me though.

I think that Egg made a similar idea...

Besides, I think that this a too overpowered. Dragon is supposed to be a mighty creature and it is expected to do massive dmg, which is O.P.

i am ok with a wolf or a tiger or some small animal that can make damage as the goblins or slow the runers ...OMG YES! a wolf that slow runners! why didnt i think of that sooner! D:

How about a bear?
  • Cost: 4000
  • Damage: 2.5 per hit (Like hammer)
  • Passive buff: 0.5 extra damage

Also, I am going to add on and try to improve some of your ideas:

  • Wolf should have 4 health
  • Wolf should do 1.5 or 1 damage
  • Wolf's passive ability should be +10% speed
  • You should be able to train wolf 3 times, each for 200 gold, and it increases speed by 5% each time (Like you said)
  • Sand worm's upgrade should cost 500 gold, and there should be 3 upgrades
  • Sand worm's shouldn't have a passive ability
  • Instead of dragon, how about a really big eagle or some kind of bird?
  • The bird would pick up people, like you said, and release them after 5 seconds
  • The fall would cause 3 damage
  • The bird should cost 5000 gold

I like it.

 Wasn't this idea created before?

OK if you think that they are to op. how about this:


cost: 3000

damage: 1

hp: 6

speed:25% faster than goblin

behaviour:follows you around.

if you click on an enemy it attacks

them like a goblin would.

re spawn rate: 40 seconds



damage: 0 +knock over

hp: 8

speed: same as wolf

behaviour: click on a target.

the board follows them until they

or its dies.

re spawn: 40 seconds



damage: 0


speed: 25% faster and x2 stamina

behaviour: follows you around and can

be mounted by jumping while

beside it

riding:while mounted you cant turn 

while not moving and can move 

side wards or backwards. but you move

25% faster and have x2 stamina

re spawn: 1 minute



damage: 1

hp: 4

speed: 4 times the speed of player

behaviour: flies it circles in the sky 

around its owner. if player clicks on an

enemy it swoops down and knocks

them over + the damage.

it repeats this until death or if owner

clicks on the enemy again.

  • Boar should deal 2 damage + 1 damage for knockover
  • Boar health should be 4 hp
  • Bear hp should be 6
  • Horse should be able to deal 3 damage to people on the ground (trampling)
  • All the pets should be faster than a player sprinting, so that they can catch up to a running player
  • This would also solve the problem of people being frustrated by runners

Read your post again, Toke. I stopped on "Bear hp should be 6" because I was laughing so much. Start at damage, stop at hp with CORRECTLY wroten name of dangerous wild animal what live in forest.

Bears can actually endure a lot, so I don't know what you're going on about...

I think there's a miscommunication, I mean bear as in a big grizzly bear with claws

Boar and this:

  • Boar health should be 4 hp
  • Bear hp should be 6

His hp is 4 or 6?

Boar is a kind of wild pig, which should have 4 hp, and Bear is the big thing with claws that should have 6

i wonder if people are downing this post because they think its op?


Before you registered, there was developer's topic about raiding forum users with dislikes. Now those raiders are disliking every single topic made after developer threatened them.

i was here in the old version. i just make few posts and comments. also i changed my avatar.

I like the sand worm pet the best. I like the sand worm the best. No matter what yeti or ogre comes and eats my bones.

si pero abria mucho lag en el server i no seria tan divertido jugar por k con 1000 aniales en la sala se le kitaria la armonia del juego

It feels like its going to be a nuisance, having dragons and stuff feels like turning this game into pokemon or something.

I'm pretty sure a small wolf would be enough, it should not have a lot of health or should it do a lot of dmg, but it should be fast.

i like wolf because it follows you around +1


why thank you.

but why would i follow you around. that kinda creeps me out :/