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I was in-game and nothing i did along with 3 other players could kill the ogores no damage was done.

Sorry i can't spell ogores.

Damage is done you just need a ton of people doing it. All ogres are killed except the ones on AS

EVEN AS SERVER KILLED ONE!!! Also new news:doors, sandworms can do freakish damage to the ogres

We just had the EPICEST WORM VS OGRE BATTLE I WILL post it on youtibe later

es facil matarlo Pero tienes k revivir Muchas Veces

Si vas a hablar en español ni siquiera hables por favor.

*If you´re going to talk in spanish, do not talk please.

whats an ogores


I call them "ogres" and i believe that is the correct spelling. But hey, what do i know; my name is BILBOOO.

Genius xD 

Ogres is correct spelling of this monster.


Did you know that if you lead a ogre to a closing door, it will insti-die.

*closing guillotine

This doors is actually most op and deadly thing in game. Everything die with one  cut :D


Man what could be aded is some weakspot and hitpoint where can be done more damage,that's my opinion.

weakspot,somethingsmilar like titan's nape from attack on titan,but tougher.

Critical hitspot to be exact

I also can´t kill ogores :/ i can only kill ogres.


the problem is that if you dont make them get crushed on the guillotine or hit by the worm, they cant be damange, after you make them get hit by one of those things, you can kill it normally for some reazon

The correct spelling is ogre, Lava

I killed a ogre alone is very hard but is very easy kill with a group min 4 people

Same man,but it takes a whole team to kill it properly,ideal would be 4-5 allies,but alone it's possible but takes a lot of time avoiding their attack and launching fast attacks,some think it's lost cause.


Well people want boss, so they have boss :D