Put a link to userecho in the wilds menu

savage doge 7 years ago updated by ::: 7 years ago 9

i hate it when i always have to type wilds.userecho.com in, can we put it in menu? wilds.io loads quicker for me and userecho loads a while

i agree

i always need to practice mode before getting to user echo..

i always forget to type this link so i dont need to kill my self for the link:


There used to be one but in some of the older updates it was left out :( I think it went bye bye during the CTF update but idk.

You can actually put UserEcho on favourites and you´ll get a link in the top of the google/ whatever you use´s screen.

Well itll be useful for people dont know UserEcho so i vote yes

I have a bookmark so I don't know what the fuss is all about

Heh simple but very comfortable thing. I like this link in menu.

i just open a new tab, and click this

that is a good idea since this this whole thing is based on wilds...