Blowpipe with poisoned darts - consumable item

Egzekutor 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 16

Now about specifications:

 In my idea you can stack to max 3 darts in inventory and everyone dart will deal only 0,5 - 1 dmg. However each dart have poison effect which acts like stamina eater. Also dart can be blocked and maybe also kicked, but i'm not sure about second possibility. This also will be rare item like grenades but you can stack them if you found more.

let me explain poison ability:

 Player who will receive hit from dart, slowly starting losing stamina to the end of both bars, and for 10 seconds he can't regenerate stamina. However poison can be cured, using health potion. This will immediately counter effect of poison but player need use healt potion if really wants to cure the poison effect.

Example how pipe can looks:

(of course from google graphics XD)

Tell me what you think about this idea, and if you have some ideas how improve this item, go ahead. I think it would be cool have item which can add good new mechanics to the game.

Regards, Egzekutor


How about poison as a potion, and you can poison your bow/sword or whatever? That way, bow can have a buff because it sucks right now


If we go with the darts, then no kicking the darts, but they can be blocked


I think poison as a pot it a bad idea, cuz we have a lot pots in game ;v 

not blow darts, but darts. while poisoned you cant regenerate stamina without a stamina potion. your stamina is slowly drained and if you have none left you move 10% slower and take 1/32 damage per 2 seconds.

I hope they arent as useless as in Terraria

Hahaha :D But in wilds you will use darts, not seeds :p 

This could be helpful way to stop runners if the blowdarts are a fairly common item. +1

If you don't have a health potion, at least have a stamina potion (white) with you. Wait until poison is over and then use the stamina recovery potion. Or, if you really don't have the time, use a speed potion (yellow) and hope for the best.

+1 from me 

Yeah this is not op because you can fight with poison in few ways, but also poison is not that weak.

What's calibre of dart?

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania metal pipe

Big guns is always better ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)



Idk why but i imagined Chuck Norris who say it, and wearing two guns, big American flag behind him and eagle on his shoulder xD

I really agree with the poisoned arrows I think it will give the game more spack.

however i dont not agree with the 10-second-long stamina de-buff if you players dont already know 10-seconds is a long time for a pvp game alot can happen in 10 seconds. heck, in 5 seconds 2 well-seasoned players may have died from pvping with each other!

Well in fort mode you have more time, especially when you running away. Also you can always cure poison if you really need because most players have always healing potion in inventory. Blowpipe will be also rare like grenades so this can't be too weak item.