Costume Phasing Through

::: 7 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago 10

There is a lot of problems with parts of your weapons/costumes phasing through each other.

I recently spent a total of 18000 gold trying to buy a cape and skull.

But the cape just phases through the skull completely!

This happens with weapons, too. Your weapon can phase through some helmets.

I would just like this problem fixed, since it is annoying and awkward to have things phasing through you all of the time.

Wow, how many times did i just say phase? 

You said "phasing" twice and "phases" once, and you also said "phase" twice.

so 5 times?

Your exact question was "..., how many times did I just say phase?". You said "phase" twice, but you said all forms of said word 5 times in total.

laser psheww ------

Yeah, it can be annoying and I agree that the cape needs a bit of a fix.


I mean if only you weren't that big-headed...   XD

I made about this similar topic "Graphic bug: Skull", when I saw myself with skull and sword what was breaking skull... XDD