poison darts pipe NEW WEAPON

berserkerIL 3 years ago updated by Egzekutor 3 years ago 9

my idea base on Eggz idea


the weapon will be like a ninja blowpipe 

mellee attack : like bow and wond

charge attack: poison dart (like in Eggz idea) 

shouting a poison dart that cause 1dmg and activing a poison

"let me explain poison ability:
 Player who will receive hit from dart, slowly starting losing stamina to the end of both bars, and for 10 seconds he can't regenerate stamina. However poison can be cured, using health potion. This will immediately counter effect of poison but player need use healt potion if really wants to cure the poison effect."
(by Eggz :))

special attack: paralising dart

cause 1-2 dmg and paralise the enemy for little time (paralising is like when you hit a shield but it could paralise for more time)

people??? come on


I said that it is an improvmant (for my oppinion ) to Eggz idea

It wasnt an improvement. His idea was put out soooo much better. And if you want to improve it, comment there.

Why did you make the same post as Egzekutor and just said (by Eggz)?

This was Eggz idea, and he should decide what the improvements  should be (such as the special), because it was his idea.

Well i only suggest how item can works etc. But everyone can share ideas. But also better idea is commenting under existing post Instead of making another one. Less work for Rez.

i wanted to comment but it get realy big so i disaided to make it a topic sorry if i ofends you or something it


Nah, nothing like this.