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Can we not make bones drop on the floor to be collected? I really liked the old points system, so I came up with an idea. You can still keep the bone sprites for leaderboard (because they look cool), but when you kill someone, for example the king, you get all or half of his/her bones? That way we can still keep bones, and not have to deal with the frustration of getting your bones stolen. A lot of old players are leaving because of different reasons, and that leaves the old, skilled players with no challenge. Another idea I had is how about we add a gamemode, an old wilds gamemode, with all the old game stuff, including points? That way, old players can play old wilds to have a challenge, and new players can learn in ruins?

P.S.: Move fort to its own gamemode please!

Sorry for more than 1 idea a week, but I just felt like I had to post this

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My idea for solve it: half of bones should drop on the ground, and half should automatically will be added to killer score. So player who killed enemy have 1/2 bones and they can't be stolen, and second half can be collected by anyone like now.

Also i think desert should be back because it was active mode.

My other proposal was to keep bones in ruins, and have the desert back (with more features from old wilds), where you could score points instead of bones

get a lot of bones. the other person kill you 2 times, then they get more bones. and this can be on purpose

Tokerino Bumperino Kripperino?

another one (last one)

I noticed that bones don't count to your score unless they are from someone you killed. So what you should be worried about is if someone steals your kill, in which case the bones will only count to that person. If someone steals the bones from someone you killed, don't worry, it will not count to their score, but they won't go to yours, either.

Hmmm... I made a similar post months ago and to this day its still annoying. Well... I guesss i should upvote because i want points back still.

Under review

 Yes, i am changing the system to how it works in mechar.io

So, it just travels to do person?

Aw yeah d00d!