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(secretly he means engineering is better ;) {go with physics [do some LEGO Robotics or something]})

This would be good. Maybe two lives though? Or after like 2 minutes the killing starts or something. That way you aren't eliminated right away be luckier players. A shrinking map would be great (anti running)

Oh yes, ukryty is right xD

Bite/Swoop: deal hammer damage to you if not countered correctly

Fire: A little less damage than arrow(two rolls?)

Thanx ukryty

No I meant in the post. What did you do in the screenshot. It was a question for sheepy

Yee, we need evidence.

I am not familiar with this glitch, what is happening?

From what I gather, I agree with bilbooo.

We just need more ideas. Think, people. I will post very soon again, as soon as I get to a computer.

I do kind of agree, especially if they have in the past, but fck I'm biased now I know he plays starblast >:(

Yeah, afk players and those jerks are a big problem in soccer. Finding a solution will be hard tho :/ There have been very good topics about it in the past, we should relook at those

Nice! Are you on the discord? :) You are literally the only person I know from somewhere else who plays the game.(And I barely know you lol)

A. Wtf dude? Please stop

B. I know what the fuck this is! The changelog for!!! That game is one of my favorites(Don't know why)! you play it? Or are you just annoying?

D. At least it's not a Minecraft changelog....