Battle Royale in wilds

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I was playing PUBG and I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have a PUBG gamemode in wilds?

Recently battle royale games such as fortnight, PUBG, even foes.io have gained a lot of traction in the multiplayer game player base. It is no lie that wilds.io is currently losing players, a new gamemode like this has real potential to revive the game.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this: you get dropped onto a random location on a large map, and you go into buildings or areas to find weapons and slowly eliminate players. In wilds you can have a ruins map with mountains and in the ruins can contain weapons, potions, items, and maybe even shields. There will be a border that slowly shrinks into the center of the map, forcing everyone closer together and force them to fight. 

Rezoner has also said on this post: http://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/3738-whats-next/ that a game mode like this would be easy to implement. In fact, it got by far the highest number of votes, but still the topic with the second lowest number of votes got implemented :/

Since the community seems to want this game mode at least 2 times more than graveyard, and graveyard is empty, I would propose that graveyard be replaced by this new battle royale game mode. This will not only introduce a fun game mode that is currently popular, it will also make good use of already existing survivial features that are very fitting for the game mode. I am sure that with the right exposure to io game players wilds will be made great again.


Perhaps people start with fists, and loot is in the form of the boxes that give you random loadouts (which we already have), it would work seamless probably, and also knives should be stackable in the inventory.

Just some ideas to throw around but overall I'd love to see this . .

And I wish Rez would come back . . to help us with this all.

I also had a similar idea in mind, but with some different bits. I thought that item pedestals (http://wildsiogame.wikia.com/wiki/Item_Pedestal) would be better for dispensing weapons, as its an already existing game mechanic. And fist's range needs to be nerfed, as the immunity of fists against kicks and the fast hitting without knockback or knocking over the enemy is almost good enough to make it a weapon on its own. And bow would have to have a limited number of arrows, and probably the best (but unlikely) scenario would be the addition of quivers, starting with 15 arrows, and have retrievable arrows as well as arrows dropped from crates and pedestals.

I honestly have no idea why people say bow needs a buff...its somewhat OP already when its in the right hands and situations.

Thanks, I have been looking for a new .io game

It's basicaly survival of the fittest.I like it.

Well, it's uncanny, everyone at my school started randomly talking about Fortnite and PubG for the first time in like a century.

Also, like it.

Sure it's lit idea with it's basic concept so like.

So like what?

You left me hanging

I never played either game tho

I upvoted,goddammit.When saying "like",I mean this. ->👍

That sounds good +1

Also a new game came out that's like battle royal, it's called blockersurvive.com

good idea! +1

Well. This is a great idea. One question though, how will Rezoner handle the data requirements? It's no secret that Rezoner is lacking enough data space for more content and making a new gamemode that won't have the same fate as the other unfortunate modes is a challenging task, if Rezoner wishes to undergo the challenge.

I dont think data requirements would be an issue if rezoner removes graveyard. It was a nice concept...but not much more than a concept, and to be honest completely useless to implement in wilds. We are here for fight as barbarians, not COD zombies in 2d without guns. Besides, if you are referring to the multiplayer server space, the system rezoner uses is extremely cheap, to the point where an upgrade will not make a big difference in cost effectiveness. 

This would be incredibly easy to implement, just scatter crates(that don't respawn) around the map that drop mystery boxes and random items. The hardest part will be making the map. He already has everything he needs: Crates, mystery boxes, walls, fists, and items. Maybe he'll add trees or traps, but he has those too.

Yeah thats right. I think If i find time for it ill try and design a map just for fun

This would be good. Maybe two lives though? Or after like 2 minutes the killing starts or something. That way you aren't eliminated right away be luckier players. A shrinking map would be great (anti running)


Nah, I think the map would be big enough and the player placement good enough that you wont run into players right away. This wont be like actual PUBG where there are a hundred players, more like an 8 player game with a map the size of the current ruins, but with more obstacles.

pls no bow in this mode .-.

idk but it reminds me of  the old days when I played minecraft ...

Its the same concept as UHC :I

Ranked modes with a number of needed players higher than 2 die quite fast in this game(3v3 - ded, graveyard - ded, even browars are almost dead by now) only Football stays despite its great number of players

A battle royale themed kind of game would be awesome, but i fear it'll follow the steps of it's ancestors very quickly

I feel like graveyard died pretty quickly because there's nothing to do until 10 players joined. When the interest died down a little, the gamemode died, because no one wants to be waiting for 10 players to join without anything to do except run around. This battle royale thing might die, but maybe not, and it would be super easy to implement. If it dies, so what? It'll just get removed like all the others. And if it doesn't die it can only help.

If new mode will be added, this must be mode where players can join in any moment and don’t spend 10 min in queue.

Disagree. I really think that graveyard and the other ranked modes died just because they were boring. The only people that played them were the hard core old time players who wanted a competitive version of the game. This gamemode will hopefully draw new players more than draw from old ones, and whether it succeeds or not is a long shot but considering how easy rezoner makes it sound to implement this mode, I think its well worth a shot. If what you say IS the case, there are a bunch of easy fixes.

-Have players spectate a game until the match starts, and the player gets inserted into the spectated game.

-A single lobby/server running the gamemode, with variations of maps to match the player count. (also put a cap on max players)

-Just delete fort, and stick a locked fort at the middle of the royale map with some good resources inside. Battle Royale is popular and simple enough that even if you remove fort and replace it with this, wilds will not lose many oldplayers and a bunch of new players will join. This is obviously a long term solution that cant be implemented in any way soon but its still a solution.

...Deleting 'fort' is a bad idea .-. That's the only place to skirmish around, to have a regular FFAs, and to join teams to take down the fort (or cause chaos).

If you was watching activity of all modes, you should know It was always hard to get full queue of players. Actually we already decided with Rez what to do in wilds. We are gonna stop with new modes and general target is fort and pvp modes. Modes which always had best amout of players. 

Well if thats what rezoner decided for wilds, i give up in it. MOST of the people who regularly play io games have already been exposed to wilds, and doing the same thing is really going to get the game nowhere. Sure, all games have to die but I feel like this has so many ways it can get popular again, just making small changes to fort and 1v1 (which only regulars play) is not going to help the game get bigger.

At least we should make this modes very good and when people start playing more often we can try introduce new modes. At this moment wilds should have at least one update, but it should be something which can bring back people.

In Surviv which often has over 50 players in queue, it takes about 5 seconds to join.  The thing about Battle Royal is that it's a much better game mode, that's a lot more stimulating and fast passed, than game modes Rez has made so far. Surviv.io often has 6000+ players just on US server alone. If it was developed well, and advertised effectively we could probably get several hundred players to play at the same time. 


The queue size could also be optimized to the time of day, so at peak hours we might get 50 player queues, vs at the lowest we might get only a handful. 

I think that it would be awesome to have a battle royal version of wilds. There are some other browser Royal games, including http://surviv.io/ 

Battle royal games are also much more addicting because they're fast paces and have a social element. So it would probably bring in more money. 

i mean


It’s a good topic, so... 

Just don’t do it again

idk iff it would work but it could make wilds,io one of the most popular ,io games, because battle royale is so hot now.

Nice, man! +1


that bump. but hey, its a good idea :)