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So imagine that there are 28 players on North American Server. Are Bots(player bots) also included in the player count? I am asking his because I feel like that unnecessary space is taken up by the presence of Bots. If they do require some time to process, I think that we can theoretically hold more players in a server if we removed player bots. Goblins are also pretty irrelevant as they do not contribute much to game-play other than annoyance and do take up valuable space.  

Can we also make the map a little smaller? I feel like that the open space isn't used much and I feel like it contributes to the sparse distribution of players throughout the map. Also, maps believe it or not take up tons of space and if we make it smaller, we can add more content and hold more players in a server.

Do you feel like that having two ogres is overkill? This is my biased opinion from here on so be aware  and my opinion that it is overkill. How many times how you been thrown from A to B and back repeatedly? Right when you are about to kill someone, not one but two ogres come to you and kill you. I get that there are suppose to be a abnormal phenomenons but having two ogres really makes me want to fight somewhere else. I can deal with a sand worm and a yeti but not two ogres. I feel like they really don't have much of a purpose so toning the ogre spawn count from 2 to 1 I feel is a great change.

I don't want likes. I just want your reflections on this topic.

No, question 1 is no.


Well, the map is pretty big, so that's why to answer third and second question.

Sorry if that came out rude

Engineering is heavily involved with science. you cant pick either one since they are so similar, and both are so broad

(secretly he means engineering is better ;) {go with physics [do some LEGO Robotics or something]})

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that as players join a server the bots will dwindle and eventually stop spawning. On a server of 28, the only bots will be players that closed the tab or went to an arena/browars/football match. So bots aren't really much of an issue

Let me explain it. When you have for example 10 people on server, some of free slots is filled with bots, but when server is full of players, bots don’t spawn. Bots also don’t consolidate with players, and even if server will be full of bots, player still can join, but killed bot can’t respawn. Bot spawn also when active and not dead player left the game, and his character become a bot.  

About the map - i was thinking about map which was similar with size to first ruins map (old days). Comparing to fort map, ruins was smaller. If i finally get access to map editor i want create map where players can have places full of action, and also places where they can have more space for tests, pvp and general fun without crowd of people. 

The map being smaller would be great. I haven't seen any runner hate post recently, I guess the community has accepted them :)

Two ogres is good so that people can the hunt one while others hunt the other. It would get swarmed too much if there was just one.