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It seems to me like it would be better to make a complete separate survival game, not just a gamemode.

A desert with a bunch of palisades would be great. Maybe bridges connecting different palisades

It's soo annoying when you're running down the field and you yell "MOVE" and your teammate just stands there! But seriously, teams are really unbalanced when there are inactive players

Put a symbol on the flag. Maybe that floating wolf head above it?

Big pocket. Or small wood? ; )

That's great. Maybe if we are adding resources there should be at least another inventory slot for them.

No ones going to hack this. Unless rez is secretly a top secret government spy trying to test the human mind through a great game.

Maybe ideas with more than 5 down votes are reviewed and if they aren't any good, sent to another 'trash' category.

Some good posts just arent getting enough recognition

It would be very nice to see the dash recharge. I never know when it will.