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2017-11-28* Improved invasion mode rankings (now shows number of victories)
* Standalone application update
- Support for Windows 32bits
- Windowed / Fullscreen toggle (Alt+Enter)

2017-11-27* Battle Royale custom games

2017-11-21* New: invasion mode leaderboard!
* Repulsive field improved (survival mode)
* changed condition for closing team mode games (time>15 min)

2017-11-20* Increased radar range in invasion mode.

2017-11-16* Fixed problem with explosion sounds
* Fixed bug with music volume in invasion mode
* Fixed RCS button bug on touch screens
* Added possibility to start invasion mode private games
* A bit more crystals and weapons in invasion waves 1 and 2
* Fixed countdown display in invasion mode wave zero
* Added volume sliders for music and sound fx in game settings

2017-11-14* Invasion mode balance improvements
* Improved radar in invasion mode
* Fixed friendly collisions (all team modes)

2017-11-10* Invasion mode balance update

2017-11-08* New mode: Invasion (ECP/Steam/itch.io exclusive)
* Standalone game application available on Steam and itch.io

2017-10-26* We are now using secure websockets (WSS). If the game does not start, refresh the page / clear cache
* And there we are, the game page is now fully HTTPS

2017-10-24* Fixed problems with camera shake effect
* added health bar for pods

2017-10-21* Removed hack allowing to transfer gems to credits outside dock / outside weapons store
* fixed problems with the Cursor
* restored a player contribution notice in team mode
* now taking ship mass into account when rocket or mine blasts. Big ships take much less pushback
* fixed mines not always showing in the correct color
* fixed possibility of spawning in a mine field
* now allowing to shoot secondary weapons on touchscreens / mobiles

2017-10-20* New Secondary Weapons system: 3 kind of Pods, Rockets, Missiles, Mines
- in Team mode, Weapon Store opens when docking to a depot bay
- in Survival mode, use "$" key to open Weapon Store, convert crystals to credits and buy weapons

2017-09-26* Team mode: increased station upgrade cost
* Pro Deathmatch points revision
* Pro Deathmatch joining improved to favor ECP grouping
* Balance update:
- Crusader: small buffs: generator, ship rotation, laser speed
- Bastion: nerfed generator capacity, nerfed acceleration
- Aries: buffed generator capacity and ship rotation

2017-09-18* Laser pods tweaks:
- Laser pods are 3x rarer in survival mode
- Laser pods now cost 100 gems in team mode
- Laser pods have now more health points
- Killed ships lose their laser pods ; the pods can be collected by the killer or other players
* In Team mode, T7 ships cannot buy lives

2017-09-14* Laser pods!
This is the first step in introducing a secondary weapon system to Starblast. There is more to come!
Laser pods follow you and shoot lasers ; they will also aim at your closest enemy automatically
In survival mode, Laser pods pop from time to time when breaking asteroids.
In team mode, you will earn 1 new laserpod every 50 gems you contribute to your station.
You can only load 1 pod on a tier 1 ship, 2 on a tier 2 etc.
Laser pods can be shot and destroyed ; they have 30 shield points, their shield does not regenerate

2017-09-07* Fixed repulsive gravitational field origin on tiny maps
* Strengthened and broadened repulsive gravitational field (making the final area smaller)
* Added setting to disable gravity field visual effects
* Repulsive gravity field is now displayed on radar
* cooling time is now taken into account for pulse reload cue (fixes Aries)

2017-09-05* Changed survival mode: when survival mode starts, main star generates a repulsion gravity field, which causes the play area to shrink.
* Reduced teammate collision damage
* Fixed ghost explosions / RIP messages
* Enhanced and optimized deep space textures

2017-08-11* New T-5 Ship: The FuryStar (initial idea of Starblast-Gpolic)
* New random names from Babylon 5 for anonymous users
* Added lasers convergence on the Aetos
* Reduced generator capacity of the Bastion
* updated translations (thanks to all contributors)

2017-08-04* New T-7 Ship: The Bastion (initial design by mrkleinem)
* 5 seconds invulnerability after exiting gem depot
* Visual and audio cue when generator refills to main pulse value
* improved explosion particles pre-emption

2017-07-27* Raised teams size from 15 to 20

2017-07-26* Added new language: Farsi
* Team game are now closed for joining when all teams have reached level 4
* It is now always possible to join a team, you should never see all teams locked

2017-07-24* Pro Deathmatch points decay
* RCS now active in all modes
* New option to disable button clicks

2017-07-17* Fixed scoring conditions when players abandon round in Pro Deathmatch

2017-07-06* You can now resume a team game with the same ship after disconnecting from the game (in preparation for upcoming Battle for Alpha Centauri)
* New language: Korean

2017-06-23* Added language: Hebrew
* Added High Contrast option for color blind people

2017-06-21* Added language: Thai

2017-06-16* Pro Deathmatch games are now played by anyone. Only ECP players will be ranked.

2017-06-15* Pro Deathmatch Championship is live!

2017-06-09* Making room for some new stuff
* Removed Barracuda-only rounds
* Deathmatch new scoring: target=2, win round at 12
* fixed unending team mode
* updated to THREE.js version 85
* enhanced background textures
* added new language Azeri

2017-05-31* Deathmatch fixes:
- replace target when target disconnects
- weaker ships less likely to be selected as targets
- removed chat
* Survival mode:
- endgame: after 10 minutes survival, radiation make you lose HP
- asteroids now give more gems (+35%)
- survival now kicks in after 60 minutes
* Weekly balance update
(thanks to the community feedback and compilation/review by Oh_ and Acarii)
- Fly: tiny base speed buff
- Side-Fighter: Shield regen and energy buff
- Mercury: laser damage buff
- Shadow X-2: Shield regen nerf, energy buff
- Toscain: Buffs: shield, energy, laser damage
- Scorpion: energy and laser rate nerfs, laser speed buff
- H-Mercury: reduced mass, speed/acceleration buff, laser tweaks
- Aries: laser rate buff

2017-05-30* Deathmatch reloaded (anti-teaming):
- each player has a (randomly) assigned target
- kill your target to earn 3 points
- kill anyone to earn 1 point
- score 15 points to win the round

2017-05-24* Deathmatch anonymized to prevent teaming
* Fixed error trace when unloading crystals

2017-05-23* New Mode: Deathmatch
- Rounds start with a choice of 2 maxed ships of same level
- RCS toggle is enabled (flight assist on/off)
- First player to kill 10 ships wins the round
- Asteroids map changes with new round
- Asteroids are strong and do not deliver gems
- Good luck Commander!
* Fixed video ads problems
* Bug fixes

2017-05-19* Anti team-trolling reworked: any ship takes damage when purposely hitting team mate

2017-05-18* Barracuda takes damage when hitting team mates
* Team mode endmatch: ships self destroy when their station is fully destroyed
* Custom Games: New asteroids map chooser and preview!

2017-05-16* Fixed crystals going through the screen at speed of light
* Fixed ghost ships flashes
* Fixed being killed and staying in limbo forever
* New Custom Game option: global ship speed modifier!
* Now allowing smaller systems in Custom Games
* Translations update

2017-05-12* Added Twitch badge

2017-05-11* Improved UI textures sharpness

2017-05-09* Fixed Barracuda double-dash
* Barracuda: damage upgrades dash speed burst ; bullet speed upgrades dash cruise speed
* Weekly balance update, thanks to community feedback and @Oh_ input data:
- Shadow X-1: power and agility buff
- Mercury: damage buff
- U-Sniper: bullet speed nerf
- Shadow X-2: Shield and energy regen buff
- Advanced-Fighter: Bullet speed nerf
- Scorpion: Energy and bullet speed nerf
- Condor: Balance changes including buffs and nerfs
- A-Speedster: Slight overall buff
- Rock-Tower: max bullet speed nerf
- Barracuda: mass buff, energy nerf
- Odyssey/Aries/Shadow X-3 have been slightly buffed in speed and agility

2017-05-04* Barracuda V2! Fully reworked with dash speed
* Damage rules changed to avoid Barracuda trolling in team mode

2017-05-02* improved radar readability
* new Custom Game experimental features: RCS (Flight assist) toggle , Friction parameter

2017-04-28* Improved team joining condition. If one team dominates, you can join either of the 2 other teams.

2017-04-27* Added information message about players contributing gems to their team
* Added health bar to station modules when attacked
* Fixed problem with button "Join my custom game"
* Fixed: Spec upgrades interfered with fire rate, allowing shooting faster

2017-04-26* 10 seconds invulnerability on respawn (team mode)
* auto-switch to fullscreen now strictly on mobile
* fixed some glitches when screen FPS exceed 60
* fixed shield / generator bar sometimes not updating
* ECP custom game creator now accessible from main Play button
* secret future new features put to test :)

2017-04-24* Fixed bug: losing multiple lives when killed once
* New rule: in team mode, ship tier 7 unlocks only when station crystal tank is full
* New rule: Tier 7 ships come with 0 extra life in team mode
* Displaying messages when ship upgrades are blocked by station level
* Keyboard shortcuts are now displayed on tablets and touchscreens

2017-04-22* Fixed asteroid strength parameter rounding in custom games

2017-04-21* Fixed ship-station collisions and friend ships collisions
* ECP Custom Game Creator (beta)

2017-04-20* fixed bug with ad blockers
* added new ECP badges
* balance: reduced stations shield capacity a bit
* balance: reduced station repair threshold to 25% crystal capacity
* balance: nerfed Shadow X-3 acceleration and power regen
* fixed radar plots in team mode
* fixed chat bubble color
* raised chat icons auto-close delay
* Improved station attack alerts
* prepared an awesome new feature for ECP users

2017-04-19* improved server finder strategy (again)
* added Swedish language
* added cookie consent
* optimized loading time

2017-04-18Team mode improvements
* Ship upgrades are now restricted to exact depot/spawning level
* Slight improve to spawning
* fixed ship not showing in scoreboard
* raised team max capacity to 15
* Abandoned space station self-destroys
* neutralized mass impact on friendly Collisions
* module repair gauge
* raised global asteroids density (all modes)
* unloading crystals gives score points
* fixed Station under attack alert

2017-04-16* Balance changes: reduced stations shield again, crystal drop rate x1.5 in team mode
* improved server finder conditions

2017-04-15* Balance changes: reduced stations shield and crystal tank capacity

2017-04-14* Identified and fixed 3 server crash cases

2017-04-14* New game mode: the team mode!
- You start every game by choosing a team
- Each team has a space station to defend
- Each space station in game has 3 types of modules
+ Structure modules
+ Spawning modules, a little tougher
+ Crystal deposit modules, toughter
- Each space station can be filled with crystal
- An half filled station repairs randomly a destroyed module
- A full filled station levels up your station
+ A bigger level station is bigger and tougher
+ A bigger level station can take crystals from bigger ships
+ A bigger level station can respawn bigger ships
- When all spawning modules are destroyed, the team ships respawn randomly on the map
- When all deposit modules are destroyed, the team can repair or level up the station anymore
- When the whole station is destroyed, the team members can't respawn anymore
- When the station and all team ships are destroyed, the team is game over!

2017-03-31* New Ship! The Barracuda, level 6. Prepare for a very special fighting style.
* Added new languages: Arabic, Danish, improved Chinese
* Ships texturing improvements
* Improved double-lasers
* Improved UI, scoreboard etc.
* A secret tremendous upcoming feature is put to test

2017-03-07* Added Italian language
* Reduced O-defender max shield capacity
* Improved H-Mercury shield, mass, and fire regeneration
* Gamepad control! (experimental): on Chrome, open chrome://flags and enable Gamepad API

2017-03-01* New lv6 ship, H-Mercury
* Added Dutch language
* Completed other translations
* Switched lv6 Condor & A-speedster place
* Increased Aetos generator regen speed
* Increased Shadow X-2 generator regen speed
* Decreased Pulse-Fighter agility

2017-02-17* New lv4 ship, Mercury
* Added Indonesian language
* Completed other translations
* Decreased O-Defender agility
* Decreased O-Defender fire speed
* New ECP badges: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Soloist Defence Force

2017-02-13* Added Turkish language
* Added Czech language
* Added Slovak language
* Raised asteroids average density and size
* Fixed bug: some crystals could not be collected
* Increased T-Warrior max generator reload speed
* Increased Aetos fire power

2017-02-09* New delay of 5 seconds before you can respawn
* You can now chat during the 5 seconds delay
* Level 1 ship loses upgrades when killed
* New particle effects on laser collisions
* New shield visual fx
* Big explosions shake camera
* Added German localization
* ECP badge customization
* ECP ship material and lasers customization
* ECP players start will fully upgraded level 1 ship (same benefit as sharing game through Facebook and Twitter buttons)
* Increased X-Warrior damages on central lasers
* Decreased X-Warrior damages on side lasers
* Increased mass/shield of Shadow X-3
* Decreased acceleration of Shadow X-3

2017-02-01* New level 7 Ship: Shadow X-3
* Decreased Shadow X-2 fire power
* Decreased shield capacity of lv7 ships
* Added Japanese localization
* New Australia zone to reduce ping for Australian and New Zealander players

2017-01-24* New level 5 Ship: Shadow X-2
* Improved homepage and respawn page design
* Prepared UI for new game modes
* Shadow X-1 moved to level 3
* Increased Shadow X-1 max agility
* Decreased Shadow X-1 max generator refill
* Decreased Y-Defender laser speed
* Decreased Pioneer max speed
* Decreased Bat-Defender mass
* Decreased Advanced Fighter mass
* Increased Odyssey and Aries cannon speed and range

2017-01-19* Added Spanish localization
* Optimised lasers display
* Heavy ships are now less affected by laser pushback
* Crystals thrown farther away from big ships when hit

2017-01-17* Added new tier: level 7
* Type [Z] ingame to take a screenshot
* Increased shadow X-1 max agility
* Fixed visual glitch for big lasers

2017-01-10* Added new lv4 ship: shadow X-1
* fixed glitches that can be caused by ads
* changelog now displayed in its own modal
* Added Hungarian localization

2016-12-28* In survival mode, stellar radiation now starts harming shield regen rate. After 15 minutes, shield regen is completely down.

2016-12-23* completed Russian localization
* fixed algorithm for finding best server to play in

2016-12-13Balance changes
* fly: reduced max agility
* y-defender: reduced speed and agility, increased recoil
* x-warrior: increased max damage
* u-sniper: increased min agility
* a-speedster: increased acceleration

Improvements and fixes
* fixed respawn button display issue when killed
* Added talk vocabulary: No prob, Follow me, GG, Bye
* Fixed bug: laser sounds still playing when sound FX deactivated
* Use [C] once and talk button is no more mouse sensitive
* Ship upgrades now always pop up until you used manual toggle [U]

2016-12-07* Added ship upgrade buttons toggle with keyboard shortcut [U]

2016-12-06* fixed visual bug with crystals
* talk keyboard shortcuts can now be used directly
* couple server side fixes

Balance adjustments
* fly: reduced max damage
* side-fighter: reduced max generator reload speed
* y-defender: decreased ship agility, added recoil
* x-warrior: improved ship agility
* side-interceptor: reduced max generator reload speed, improved mass, reduced ship agility
* pioneer: increased min generator reload speed
* crusader: increased max generator reload speed, increased laser speed
* u-sniper: increased recoil, decreased max laser speed
* bat-defender: added laser convergence, improved laser speed and generator capacity
* advanced fighter: decreased max generator reload speed
* scorpion: decreased max generator reload speed, decreased ship agility, decreased max laser speed
* a-speedster: increased max generator reload speed, reduced ship size, decreased max laser damage and acceleration
* condor: reduced ship size
* o-defender: improved shot rate, improved generator capacity

2016-12-05* Added Polish localization
* Added Russian localization

2016-12-02* Integrated chat system

2016-11-30* Raised the minimum density of asteroids
* Destroyed asteroids now always deliver some amount of crystals
* It is now possible to use mouse controls together with keyboard spacebar and up arrow

2016-11-29* your ship now gets 3 lives when levelling up
* second pass on improving the balance between ships / levels

2016-11-28* fixed problem of hidden survivor
* radar in survival mode now shows all targets
* extra lives cannot be used in survival mode anymore. Dont die!

2016-11-25* balance: Lower level ships are now always faster than higher level ships (with speed maxed).


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