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No, not newbies, players without accounts literally can't buy these which would put players with accounts at even more of an advantage.

Personally, I don't think runners are a big problem, but that's just meselfy. This might be interesting to experiment with, but it would make combat against good opponents even more grueling, and you would have to say goodbye, come again, to your 123 bones if a bunch of annoying king hunting noobs attacks you and gets some lucky hits.

What kind of lunatic is going to pay you to fill goblins? Hee hee..

Very nice, I got bored of quests myself, but I'm not trying to get serious gold. More variety would be nice.

I really like the idea of 2. 1 is interesting, but would be complicated. If it could be done in a way that is fairly simple, but not overpowered, it would be cool. 3 is no good, no one would use clones. And 4 is pretty minor but personally I love to blow up my clones with bombs.

There are enough attacks right now - It is hard enough to master all of them. Putting more in would change the combat too much - players without accounts would be at even more of a disadvantage.

It would be interesting if everyone started with axe, and had to find weapons if they wanted different ones. More of those mystery boxes? And yes, it would be very cool to have a huge map like this.

Issa... Have you.... Have you talked to Rez about your resurrecting winter map idea? Im sorry to break it to you, but I don't know how compatible some of these ideas are with

You guys should read the forum on the phone. It's fun to see the comments all squished up because you guys are commenting soooo much. you know you don't have to respond to everything, right?

The map being smaller would be great. I haven't seen any runner hate post recently, I guess the community has accepted them :)

Two ogres is good so that people can the hunt one while others hunt the other. It would get swarmed too much if there was just one.

Or we could send rezoner the words for it, and he could simply type it in. I would not trust some of the scumbags in the world.