Forgive SheePy for his trolls and annoying posts - can we do it?

Imć Zagłoba 5 months ago • updated by Storm Crow 5 months ago 9

I think it's really important question.

Today, he posted his only one post what have some thumbs up ( OMG! ).

Is it possible to forgive him everything? 

Please, comment and write what do you think about it.

Imć Zagłoba



We should definetly forgive the dude and give him a chance.Upvote-agree Downvote-disagree

Just saw this..

He deserves another chance.We should forgive him.

I already forgive him, all it took was a simple apology post ._. And I may went too far on my comments on him.


i still feel like SheepY is sitting rn at his computer, reading these posts, laughing inside and saying to himself "damn  these idiots are easy to manipulate" but I may be very wrong about this

You're probably right. I bet he laughed pretty hard when he saw this post.


If someone is doing such things as forum spam etc. (Not first time, alt accounts) it’s very possible he is gonna do it again in future. This is reason why forum should be cleared from such people.

I do kind of agree, especially if they have in the past, but fck I'm biased now I know he plays starblast >:(

Honestly...? I don't even care...I haven't been insulted...(yet) :D