Ban Unsummon

armuzi 6 years ago updated by PLS PEACE 6 years ago 33

Alt abusing in browars to make people lose points

wheres the proof

i dont play the game much anymore

hes using the arena glitch? if he is then this is stooping to rhyme levels. rhyme was banned for it too, unsummon if you are using glitch i would suggest stopping or you will probably get banned

I agree, he is always bragging about how good he is in arena but using troll techniques in fort, and then i still beat him in the forts anyway. He is always a real troll to everyone, attacking then running of if they try to defend themselves.

Your name is the true troll.


>Causes everything but peace.




dude, it peace among my friends, first, how whould i get bones, and second I changed my name partly because of the confusion of this.

._. I can't tell who's the real one, PLS PEACE or PLZ PEACE....

I am the real but I changed my name again

I dont want to throw anyone under the bus but alot of well respected players use alts in browars and no one cares about it.


It's not alt abusing if he does everything fairly without glitching/trolling. I don't have alts, but I'm sure plenty of people have alts for one reason or another. Also, he's a good enough player, and I know he's a moderately fair person in fighting, although he might be annoying with his messages/emotes. ;l

Besides, there's worse things to discuss, like chat bullying (eh), matchmaking fairness for 2v2, and other glitches/bugs in fort/1v1/2v2 along with the leaderboard. Not including weapon imbalances or game action mechanics.

Even if he spams a lot in chats, particularly my chat - I don't see a reason to ban him.

1. Where's your proof?

2. Why're you being salty?

Too much salt can cause dementia,heart attack and dehydration.Not to say,racket in forums.

I don't think that's something even worth kicking him for. I mean, a lot of people use alts, especially for arena/soccer. How do we know if unsummon is trying to make people lose points? Maybe he just wants to get to get a high rank with a different account! We can't just make assumptions about stuff we don't fully understand or have proof of. I looked through the comments and a lot of people are bringing up subjects that don't even have to do with alt abuse (what this subject is about). And no, I'm not just saying that because he's in the same tribe as I am. 

           If we're gonna focus on alt abuse, we should focus on the trollers that go onto their alt account by the name of a computer generated name such as Ori or Dori or Reor and on and on.

BAN USUMMON??? HOW ABOUT BAN Master of the Weapons! I like Unsummon, he don't need a ban :/

sry bro but I have evidence that shows that he is not just a using alts, but also cyber bullying

Pls if you ask to ban a people there should be a valid reason. As for Unsummon i know him and he shouldnt be banned. Im sure that nothing will be realized if u have only this reason. -1

Alts are illegal in some games lel it can make you banned

Well are they illegal in this game?

Half the Wilds.io players are unsummon's alts...that's what he said

That was probably a joke.

Yee, we need evidence.

I am not familiar with this glitch, what is happening?

From what I gather, I agree with bilbooo.

PIZZA0 told me it was a glitch Rhyme used. It made you get noobs, and not people your skill level.

the glitch and using alts are 2 completely different things

Make illegal things legal so we'll have no rules which only make our lives hard!

I said Make illegal things legal so we'll have no rules which only make our lives hard!

Why the hell would we do that?I mean plenty wouldn't mind but still.

I would bot the shit out of this game!