Ban Request: Seal

BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 42

Reason:No Idea

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Rekt yourself with no reasons and standing for ban,and not to say,if you could stop being rude and spamming topics with useless subjects,I wouldn't be forced to react the same way.You didn't think of that,did ya'?


And make a same topic without using E letter because I don't like it.

one question seal

do you know what terminal means

Lol good point. What did seal do anyway?

Kidney and blood issues..don't even bother.That's none your bussiness!

No I meant in the post. What did you do in the screenshot. It was a question for sheepy

I know.It means that disease progreses until there's no adequate solution.But luckily I'm still

alive thanks to early treatments,I overreacted a bit,my bad.But good part is that I'm getting better.Problem with that?

terminal means it is 100% certain you will eventually die from your disease
sidenote: seal posted 80 comments in ~2 days

Sorry I overexagurated,I'm just pissed about about being in bad condition.Not your bussiness,goddammit.

sidenote:I don' care about your tracking of comments,they don't matter.

Actually I'm really sick too, but maybe not this much as Seal is, but I have 38-40 degrees, hurting neck and head and when I have 40 degrees I can't move my legs. Doc said I will have weaker hearing than before I was sick and I should never run anymore. GG

I'm sorry about your condition,but why you can't run anymore?

Because I'm too lazy to run XD I was just kidding with legs but hearing problem is true.

So how serious is hearing issue?

People keep yelling at me that I am talking too loud so probably they are kidding me or it's just my "better" hearing.

On scale 1-10,how major is your hearing issue?

Idk, 5? 6? I don't know.. I just answered my hearing issue in previous comment up here above your "On scale 1-10..."

nobody cares about comments, you are being mad on him for being active?

oh not just any comments my dear friend

Why you always track me?Just don't bother wasting energy on that.Enjoy in life.

cant enjoy with you around

and its not tracking, its checking the last updated posts

If you can't enjoy around with me,then just ignore me.

But as far as I know,you constantly check my comments by far the most since I got back home.

You just stalk me waiting to get good excuse to "ban me and Ukryty".If you made a lot of comments like me and Ukryty not in bad purpouses,I wouldn't mind it and watch my bussiness,same as Ukryty.Just relax and stop wasting your precious energy on us.

Jashin please, just mind your business and don't mind us.

well i agree on that, sort of useless 

but still, why do you still care?

why do i care? why do i care??? celebrimor, i think of you as an ok person, but now youre starting to look like an idiot

and if you STILL need an answer, two words: burying posts

seal isnt the only one acting like a child and burying posts around here yet  you still target only him

Excuse me?!?!I'm just hanging around,burying post would be just closing and extinguishing ideas as fast as possible,not at all like me and Ukryty.

well then please, care to explain, who does this on such a mass scale as seal and ukryty

It starts like this that I'm doing a comment or reply and Seal must do a reply to my comment so I'm doing a reply to his reply what was to my comment and it never ends before it reaches some like 10-20 comments just under one comment.

Just stop taking it so seriously,man.We're not worth your atention and energy.

The fact that Jashin kept bumping one post to get it attention lmao.

the fact that you have to get involved in this lol

the fact that you could just fuck off and don't mind us long time ago.

Seal of approval* Btw we don't care,Jashin,you'll eventualy be pissed ending up changing nothing.so just seal with it already.

...Well played.

BTW I didn't knew lenny faces are looking like this on your computer

Jeez,me neither.It looks crappy on mine for sure(duh).

You've got to be insane , seal is the angel of community (kinda). If you're some turk from the game that has purpose and is to irritate,  go to moon and never return (hopefully won't)


...Just chill on the Turks, we all know most of them have a bad rep in the community for being hypocrites and such.

Wait wait wait."Angel of comunity",if so,then gingers are no threat to me,Ukryty never was last ninja,and mistodel is just looking like underground troll.No srsly,I'm just going through argues and threads calm and collected,that's all.I hate when someone calls me nice.I'm completly opposite of nice and light.You may not realized it yet or belive it,but you will.

Don't bother reading.