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Interesting idea, and yeah it would just be a normal attack, but an interesting one. The only thing is that I don't think wilds needs all more attacks. But if we do need another attack, this would be a good one to implement. But rolling should go under it just like if it's a jump. When it hits someone with their shield up, the person kicking should be knocked down, and damaged a little, but not stunned, and the person with shield should be fine.

Yeah... Do the quest boxes look any different? A description would help next time.

This isn't a big issue. It's like what bilbooo said. Yes the filter is inconsistent. But is it a big problem? Yes, maybe rez should create a better filter, but still, this isn't a big issue

Wilds isn't really played on the mobile... The controls are bad and it is weird with the screen size, right?

If u can just play on the computer or make a post about adding wilds on to mobile. Just make sure to add a description though.

How about a normal attack the same speed as axe, but dealing a little less damage.(still more than claws and spear)

But then the charge attack(which would do the same amount of damage as the normal attack) would charge up a lot faster than normal and would make you move a little faster.

And the special should be pain's idea or a 180 sweep that knocks people down and does axe damage. Blocking it stops the damage, but you are knocked down. Rolling makes you damaged, but you are not knocked down.

Thanks for the post, goodbye, good riddance.

The game is not dead. It's a little slow right now, especially the forum, but in no way is dead. Just look at mrrps post.

A helmet with curling goat horns would be realllllly cool.... Like, realllllly vewrrrrry cooooool

I almost kind of agree with your idea of lowering stamina consumption.

The only thing is, wand isn't that bad. If you see a player named "Lysiane" in VGL in the discord or in the game, ask her how she uses wand. I hear she is very good with it. I may not have this right, but a wand is very good at one thing - small, chip damage. Yes the bullets are slow and weak. This means that if you don't just spam and stand still, you can efficiently use them to damage the opponent while not fearing them being kicked back.

Full support.

That map, it more stinky than when you game crash and you have 169 bones

There's just too much opportunity for runners there.

And then if they have a bow and they're semi decent and just run, give up.

#5 would be interesting to experiment with... The main problem with all of this is it would affect non runners just have low health, making them very vulnerable.