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GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 3 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 3 years ago 10

I was playing soccer so calm. With a great "team". The teams sulen go with you. But there was "someone" who decided to go to the other team. Blocking all the goals bothering ... In the end we lost because of that "person of our team".

I would like you to be able to choose your equipment. Since maybe that player had a friend on the other team and his plan was to go together but for whatever reason they could not go so the other decided to embitter our team. Alomejor has only done it to make the grace. But I hope that these things could be solved in some way.

Thx for attention


yu need sum mlk?

there should be a kick out option with a vote system, similar to the CS GO one

but i think our comunity consists of about 40 % kids and uneducated persons so mass reasonless bans might occur

Yeah like in Minecraft minigames

This hasn't happened to me at all :/

Yeah, afk players and those jerks are a big problem in soccer. Finding a solution will be hard tho :/ There have been very good topics about it in the past, we should relook at those

"I would like you to be able to choose your equipment." ...to choose your team, but now it's too late XD