Is this comunity dying?

UgandianWarrior 1 year ago • updated by Seal 1 year ago 24

So.... really is it dying??

Why is there no more ideas?

There was a troll and everyone was focused on him ,making topics bout him n stuff....

I know Rezoner wont see any of our ideas since he's making the winter map n' stuff ,but still what's next after that??(is he??)

Running out of ideas for the game... huh......

Nothing to post about .....

so ..... what to do now....


very kvek

(y see seal line copy right there....)


Everyone,please stop posting these posts that don't do anything but take up space

Im just wondering about it ,nobody is going to anwser them questions :c



+1000 if i could

A Huge Part of it is my Fault , iam so sorry :c

Its not your fault :c

im still a bit skeptic about your sudden turn towards the light, i'm gonna keep an eye on you

Of course you will >:D

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania eye in your hand


Community is in very good condition, but not in forum where Rez don’t have time for moderate it in last time. It’s because he working on new game called wanderers.io. When he finish this game and everything will be good, he is gonna buy mods for userecho. 

I hope we can clear this shit from forum soon...


Wow man this is like the 7th "is the community dying" or "have we run out of ideas" post I've seen.


I would post more topics, but i'm trying to follow the 1 idea per week rule unlike everybody else.

I would post more topics too but I hardly ever have any idea, so there's no difference for me if one idea per week rule would exist or not.


Correction: Wow girl this is like the 9th "is the community dying" or "have we run out of idea" post I've seen.

very kvek is Seal's sister, bro.

Nah I don't have hope for a good portion of the ingame community, filled with people who get salty after killing them fairly and take out a bow to prove a point that the system is broken

Many people left this forum, unfortunately...

We just need more ideas. Think, people. I will post very soon again, as soon as I get to a computer.


Well i have in pocket tons of ideas but i waiting with it until i get access to map editor, and Rez will be back in wilds. And if everything will be good, this should be soon.

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