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Back to another serious topic, this time about the Battle Royale gamemode I suggested. To try and give a better idea of how this would be, I made a small map prototype. It is a little crude and obviously is in no way directly implementable to the game, but I hope this puts my previous suggestion in a better perspective. 

Sort of following my tribe owners topic format here, ill post the image and explain it fully below.

Funny how I made a "thanks" post and am more engaged in the forums than ever :P

Image 2844

Sorry about small mistakes and funny placements, I made this in pages (Microsoft word for mac) and converted from a document to PDF to PNG so some things might look funny. Since my previous posts have been very long, I tried to make this one shorter. Here is a short summary of each important bit of the map.

General Idea

The most important aspect of a two dimensional battle royale map in my opinion is plenty of space to gather resources, and a good final battleground. I tried to get the most interesting parts of wilds maps and cram them into a map that can work for battle royale. Hopefully people find this playable!

Middle Hill
A large elevated area with a good battleground. No items, few crates, and no weapons so that once you fight, you fight to the death. This is where the border will move into in the final stages of the match, and is where everyone will end up. (The ones that survived) Also has some pit ares that may speed up fights. Not finished, this part is flawed and needs fixing.

Palisade Encampments

A place where players can farm resources while having a secure place to camp, and regenerate with the campfire. One is located in the top right corner of the map, this can be a good strategic spot people can contest to take hold of. All of them have 1 tearable and repairable door.

Small Structures

Small rooms (Like the one top right of the current ruins map) that have loot boxes with regenerating orbs. These crates/boxes should only be placed inside rooms so that it is much harder for runners to run and still regenerate just by walking by these crates.


Collection of small structures, some of them booby trapped and with a path that runs down the middle. (Like the one that leads up to the worm pit in ruins) A good place to gather loot and weapons.


If you have an axe, this is a good place to regenerate health and gather wood to build fires. Also may have yetis, ogres, or goblins... who may not appreciate you chopping their wood.

Mountain Range

A mountain range where people can jump around and have interesting aerial fights. Good place for people who find ranged weapons.

Soccer Field

Purely cosmetic, can be a good meeting place for teams.

Sandworm Pit

A place to gather loot and fight.

Sand Hole

I completely forgot to include these! Next version of the map will contain these. I think a good place to put it will be close to the mountain ranges at the top right of the map.

Post questions or comments, and thanks for reading!

- spaghetti

*sees post* *groans inwardly* I have to read this. Sounds interesting. I like how you took runners (like me) into consideration. I would love for this too be added. +1

Oh yeah I read it all. Don't pop-quiz me though -_-

What is a good place to go to if you have a ranged weapon? Also, this is NOTHING compared to my other posts. like this or this

ooo ooo the mountain place!!!! :D


Damn, that's going to be huge map...

If this is implemented, I will take over the 'Heavy Forest' ;v


It would be nice if the ogres dropped good items/weapons as a high-risk/high-reward type thing


This seems legit,especialy the mountain range.But could it be way bigger,even larger than CTF map.If so,it'd be lit exploring that.

It would be interesting if everyone started with axe, and had to find weapons if they wanted different ones. More of those mystery boxes? And yes, it would be very cool to have a huge map like this.

What I thought it would be like is everyone starts with fists. explanation here and read my reply to the first comment

Heavy forest easiest to do, just Ctrl + C and keep spamming Ctrl + V, but this map is going to be huge and hard to do. X-mas 2018-2019?

I mean map making is time consuming but not that much...im assuming rezoner uses some tiled map maker like Tiled to make the maps, its a pain the ass but it won't take a year. Besides even if its shit its easier to let the players review the map than actually complete it fully himself. He does not have to release a complete map

I just wish that Marketplace made a comeback.

Me too man,me too...