Idea on how to attract players and keep them ingame

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The thing is that the wilds.io community consists of people from different countries and different languages. Most of them are polish and turks. And many from them dont know english too well, thats why im suggesting a language localisation.

First ones, obviously, would be turkish and polish. Next will come the rest: german, russian, romanian, spanish, french etc

im offering myself at doing the russian, romanian and maybe german languages, as i know them quite decently. 

Here is a minor sample idea of the main menu with a language option

Image 2759

Do you want some sample of average skills of english language in Poland? There you go:

-Me is poland!

-is me home

-who is this (what is this ._.)

thank you for samples, they will be very useful

XD In Japan, the people who study it have very good grammar but they cannot pronounce certain consonants and all talk like this:

"Rets Prey Raulds.ayo"

It might sound just like a stereotype but thats actually how they speak english. (lets keep from mentioning how bad english speakers are at speaking japanse though .-.)

I have no idea why you laugh because I'm so sad at polish people that I'm better that probably 90% of them with thys buht inglesh zkilz

So you want to make an option so that people can only play with others from their own country?if so,turks wouldnt notice the option because they cant even see text about changing chat from global.

no, i just meant to have different languages for the GUI so everyone understands what are they clicking on

i misused the term localisation

"A niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają, iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają"*.

~ Mikołaj Rej, a famous polish poet and prose writer from XVI century

Poles will now what does it mean ;]

Imć Zagłoba just posted a text what is too hard for poor translate google. Go hug and cry into pornhub's T-shirt, google translate.

This is in old polish.

And this is too hard for translate google, I tried it for fun and results were hella funny. But you know I am from Poland too, right?


I know about it. Why so aggresive? :P

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Well if rezoner wants to add this i can help with croatian

Same for me.I'm in Friday on break so np.

I had a same idea...thought it would be too much work, though.



It's a great idea, just one question:

Why is there the flag here? Just to replace the patreon symbol?

i wanted to add a new square for the language but my photoshop skills are near to potato quality and it looked bad so i just added a flag above the patreon sign. If languages are added Rezoner has to shrink these thingies on the right a bit so one more fits in

We could just have the language options in the settings, which is where most people would look to change the language. As far as I know, the little "settings wheel" thing is pretty universal.

maybe, but i think it should be immediately on the main page so people, even the dumb and lazy ones, can find it real fast

Can I translate it to balkan? (croatian ,serbian ,bosnian?)


Why the hell latin??!?!!

What did you say about my mother?!?!?!?

Oh my god, idiot. "scio me nihil scire" means "I know, that I know nothing" ~Sokrates

Oh jeez,I was joking man.This question was simpson's reference by old willy.

yes yes, keep burying posts as i watch

Jebi se vise,brate,smaras sebe i mene,prestani biti davež i gledaj svoja posla.Nista ne budes promijenio.Odjebi se brate.

Odjebi se brate was the best. I know very similar sentence in polish what is probably meaning same - odjeb się bracie - fuck off brother

For people who speak Latin -_-

+1   This is a great idea and should be taken into great consideration

Rezoner should have all the data about the number of visits from different countries thus he is able to prioritize languages translated

also he has to provide us. translators, with the ingame text so we can translate it, send it back for him to implement in the game


This would be great for gaining new players. Since the program assigns a flag to the player in-game based off of their location, Rez could also possibly set the default language to the main language of that country/region without too much trouble. This way when the player tries wilds.io for the first time, instead of being intimidated by the English GUI that they can't read, they would be able to hop right in.

thats a really good idea too, didnt think about it at all

and if you  dont like your language you should be able to change it in the settings

Yeah. If, for example, you just moved to Poland, but you don't speak Polish well or can't read Polish, you'd be able to change the language to your native language.

But, I think, Rez is too busy to do this many translations ( bosnian, croatian, serbian, itp. ).

Which is why Celebrimbor wants us to do it

yes, the community is made of various people from different countries and we can totally do this

all we need is rezoner sending us all the in-game GUI text

Or we could send rezoner the words for it, and he could simply type it in. I would not trust some of the scumbags in the world.

This idea is very good actually.