Secondary Powers

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I have not done anything on this site for quite some time, so here is a post.
I have seen in other games that the characters have secondary skills. I do not want to make the wilds stop being as original as it is today, but I've always been bothered by the fact that the barbarians have only one weapon. (I've done other posts on secondary weapons, those that would be more useful than the items and would be bought in the store, but since there was not much rebound, I'm doing this post now)
I thought that barbarians could have magic-binding powers, like throwing fireballs or creating earthquakes around them.
Maybe things about magic upset some religions a bit, but we're talking about a game, are not we?
I have mentioned only two powers here, both well-awaited and very strong, but I think of these powers as minor supportive events, and I do not think they can become primary weapons, on the contrary, they would be rather simple.
Say what you think, after all this time offline, I'm ready to listen to whatever.

Sounds great.It'd also be good to add some skills and assets that enchance and make player vulnerable in some assets at same time.Not to say,we need choosable classes with their strenghts and weaknesses.

And those claws doing a shockwave against axe which is using claws' special XD

There are enough attacks right now - It is hard enough to master all of them. Putting more in would change the combat too much - players without accounts would be at even more of a disadvantage.

Well, as I said, the powers would be simple supports, so I do not see why they would be high-priced in the store, on the contrary, it could be easy to buy to the point that newbies could own it.

No, not newbies, players without accounts literally can't buy these which would put players with accounts at even more of an advantage.

.-. I was hoping for some "enchantments" or "infusion' into the weapons for some strategic or brutal gameplay...but your idea could work...

Well,there could be some enchantments or spells with pros and cons.

weapon enchantments? Hmm
This reminds me of a somewhat square game



i dont think we need to complicate weapons with minecraft enchantments, thank you very much


not with minecraft incantations
with wilds incantations
that give us
powers ...

minor powers would be fun, smth like poison for a short span of time, stun, dizziness (inverted controls) etc

xD, the anti-bows would go crazy with this