more quests

Celebrimbor 6 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 6 years ago 5

i didnt count them but i think there are about 20-ish quests at the moment, which is, indeed, wayy too little. theyre being repetitive and dull. personally i stopped focusing on quests because of that. Few sugestions:

1)more quests!

heres a similar idea : http://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/3670-ideas-for-new-quests/

my personal suggestions:

kill 5/10/20 goblins

kill 1/2/3 yetis

kill 1 ogre

survive in the worm pit for 1 minute

run 500 m/1 km/2 km

trade 1/5/10 items

break 10/50/100 boxes

collect 5/10/20 items( of any kind or a certain one)

2)a bit of story to the quests

quests are dull rn so maybe we should have some lore attached to them. a simple phrase changes a lot, believe me. for example:

instead of:

throw 10 pieces of wood in fire

we should have:

Aye, mate! Alaric the barbarian asked you to keep that fire up for when he comes. Could you throw 10 pieces of wood in that fire?

each separate quest could have different stories so theyre interesting all the time. but since this idea requires a more personal approach to the player i suggest the following:

3)NPC's that give quests

pretty self explanatory. Couple fellas on the map who give you tasks. that was my ideal for quests when they were announced and i hope you like them too. Sure it needs lots of thinking(taking a arena quest in the ruins? doesnt make sense) but im leaving this task to you and Rezoner

Happy New Year my fellow grunts, may the holy ogre be with you this year <3


happy new year! i really like the idea of lore, it adds more of an atmosphere


What kind of lunatic is going to pay you to fill goblins? Hee hee..

Very nice, I got bored of quests myself, but I'm not trying to get serious gold. More variety would be nice.


For the NPC thing, maybe the shopkeepers could give tasks after you trade with them? A little exclamation point or something could appear above their head, and if you click it you get a quest that you can choose to accept or decline. It could be stuff related to the shop(bring me 3 bombs) or it could be some other, unrelated part of gameplay(go kill 20 enemies!).

they should've added Graveyard quests... More people would've played. But I agree, more quests would be great. Imagine: kill the king >:D. 350 g payout. hahah evil