Comment Cop: Seal/Ukryty

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Now, before you go to the dislike button, hear me out. I may look like a giant douche by posting this, but I have my reasons. So, please keep reading. 

So, first things first. Why the fuck do I want to ban 2 innocent people? Simple. They're spamming the forums. Now, this isn't spam like what happened with sheep dude. This is slow spam. Just look at Ukryty's and Seal's comments. They're the top 2 commenters on the Userecho leaderboards

Now, these comments, they aren't your average helpful, related comments. These are comments like:


Where are my explosive arrows?!" ~Seal  
"Let's summon an army of arab terrorists. Allah akbar everyone!!" ~Ukryty  

Ukryty also uses a lot of images. Really irritating. Now you might still be thinking, "Why is this so bad? They're just having fun." Well This is NOT the place to be posting 50+ comments everyday. Now, I don't have much more to say about Seal. But I do have one more thing to say about Ukryty.

Image 2795
If you can't read it, Ukryty posted on this topic "Jashin is insulting me and Seal, so he is automatically eliminated from candidates list."

Now, I'm just gonna have to point out how STUPID that comment is. Just. Plain. STUPID.
I was pointing out how Ukryty was making it obvious he wanted the moderator spot, when it was Rezoner's decision.

So that concludes my post. Short and simple. Leave a downvote if you don't like me or whatever. Thanks for your time :)

all posts bumped by seal in under 15 min

You don't need to ban them,i know that they make a LOT of useless comments,but that's not a reason to ban them unless they start behaving like Seva,just kill them in game and spam discord links on their comments

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind...

But that's not too shabby XD

Why do you bother?I don't bother your shit,man.I don't bother anyone's shit.But you have to make ur life harder by doing this.Mind ur own bussines.


It's a forum, if you post, you are reserved to be praised, appreciated and upvoted at the expense of possibly being judged, mocked, and downvoted.

Praised,appreciated?Nah.But you're right with the second part regardless of situation.But who cares.

I'm saying this last time, at least I hope it will be last time - Mind. Your. Business. Don't mind us, we are posting shitcomments for our own fun, not to annoy you. We are posting useful topics and comments too, so don't show us just from negative side, because you're not nice to people too.

You don't understand what I said, do you?


"We are posting shitcomments for our own fun". You know, Jashin's kinda got a point on some of these things. You two do a lot of pointless commening that easily could have been conversations over discord. I'm not saying that's deserving of a ban, but just think about posting less "shitcomments" and posting more constructive comments to help the game.


Well,as much as those "shitcomments we only post" seem as problem now ,it does not pose any threat to anyone or anything as it may seem by some ppl.Actually,we post a heck of a contributing comments aswell,so it's not big of a deal,as much as we vary in middle.Just seal with it.

Can we just accept the fact that all of us are legit hypocrites...?


So what?I don't give a flying flat out ape shit for that.Fuck society.You live for yourself,not others.No gods,no masters.Uh i started to sound like anarchist..oh wait,I am one.


So what, we're going to make this forum an "anti-secularism" place...?

"You live for yourself, not others."

Then why the fuck do we still live with our parents from the start lmao.

I know,that's bullshit.You live with them,but you don't live for them.


humanity as a whole has a tendency to become a hypocrite

Well I can't argue with god. +1


i dont know if there is a mute option

anyways what do they contribute?

btw, who in hell is your profile "bio" referring to lmao


its called a copy pasta, and it refers to everyone on the forums, i love you all a lot <3


Though untrue,it's still something I haven't heard from someone legitely since being little kid.Not that anyone cares.


Ah nvmd forget it.


To way more stuff than your salty comments.Not those chatting comments,but those who involve in actual topics.

you didnt need to do this man, after all, they dont realize the harm they do, and they want people to tell them what it is even tho the answer is soo much painfully abvious, just a little more time and this will be resolved. iykwim


Personally I don't like Ukryty, his commenting methods aren't the smartest, and at the same time do not bring any humor, humor is what drives just STUPID comments sometimes.     BUT AGREEMENT IN they both try to find ANY CONCEIVABLE WAY to comment in the forum which results in a necromancy unlike any other, HELL they even post on ALMOST EVERY SHEEPY COMMENT EVER FUCKING MADE.

I may have trolled a tiny bit on this forum, but hell, I'm not desperate XD.     though I respect Seal a bit more.  This has to stop, both of them need to use logic, because I'll tell you, they are oblivious to the bigger pictures of giving too much attention to problems causes more problems and that there is a limit, this is a forum not discord.


I'm not desperate too,and man,you don't pretend you respect me.I use logic in a lot of assets in argues in certain topics and ideas.This fun comments are completly different story.

If I drop a paper from my hand, it will fall down to the ground! *LOGIC*


Same when it falls,it will be filthy* again logic

youre doing the same thing you did with all of sheepys topics, if you really werent worried about this post you would have sit back and relaxed as the downvotes poured in

We would, but we don't :)


Why not just use your heads instead of just sit here and prove our points, you could've just IGNORED a lot of the 'drama' that happened instead of provoke more, I think the bad part is you both aren't intentionally meaning to.  Which makes you both ignorant as fuck.

Also the fun part of this is, you both never react to people's actual reasoning on disliking you both, it's quite simple to just say "Sorry for resurrecting dead posts, and posting on this forum like it's a chatroom, I will better myself for the community and blah blah blah"    Fact of the matter is both of you either change the subject or go batshit mad when you are called out for the obvious shit you do.  Get over yourselves, and stop acting like children.   Maybe Jashin is doing this to better the forum and not because he's out to get you both >:U  EVER THINKING OF THAT?

No you didn't, but ignorance is bliss, so I will allow you both to bask in it


Hey I didn't complain anyone about anything,and I get it that I made mistake and I'm willing to fix it,not to say,change subjects aswell for the sake of others.I'm ok with it as long as there's no overreacting and shit.It's ridiculous to make a racket cuz' of me and overreact that way but who cares what I say anyway.


J4Sh1n cares.   A handful of the community cares, and that's something considering there is just a handful of us, but also doing all this 'racket' incites a response and moment of thinking, which it has accomplished and therefor take this all how you both feel.

It's truly not big of a deal,and it's not somethong wed cannot fix,but it's up to you if you want to consider it more serious and bad which in reality,it isn't.

you know mild mannered pate, when i first heard of you for getting kicked out of vgl, i thought you were just another annoying prick. i see i have judged a book by its cover, and im sorry for that


Well I suggest settling this on discord.That way we won't take a lot of space like I did here,and we will transmitt messages faster.


its already settled, we dont want you here spamming shit comments


Aswell as salty and hate comments from you without settling this peaceful way with no toxicity,but I see you obviously can't.I can stop this anytime,but it's only up to you if you want to be salty about everything I do,not just my comments.Well who will help ya' if you cannot yourself?I don't need help ffom anyone since I'm used to being loner.


I am guessing you watched Content Cop: Jake Paul, J4sh1n? Is that why you made the topic Comment Cop: Seal/ Ukryty?

You took words from my mouth lmao.

any idiot couldve figured that out


Come to think about it, they are worse than 100% troll mode sheepie.  It's painful seeing them everywhere.

oh god this is fine but you did you have to name it a comment cop??? so many 15 year olds worship idubbz its so annoying seeing these references

Are you an Ricegum fan or do you only hate iDubbbz?

just thought it was funny

Well, Seal, they hate us. Just ignore them, because they don't care that we may sometimes help this game. I think I don't need to remind this was MY idea to make palisades destructible, but it just became gates, but their repairing and crafting work like I said. What about bug reports? Or some good ideas like adding a boomerang to game? No, people can see only worst part of human and they are too blind to see better side of people.


I looked at your stuff actually and you do have some decent ideas, but some of your topics are just fucking ridiculous, but YOU NEVER actually helped the game, sure you confirmed bugs BUT DO YOU KNOW THE ONLY THING THAT ACTUALLY GOT COMPLETED?!   THE ONE TOPIC?    

 I'm on camera or what? :D

Ukryty, your existence makes me cringe.

of all the time you've been on here, reactions from Rezoner have been 2 declined posts, a bunch of reviews of you confirming bugs, and that the 1 topic where he answered your dumb question.   Dude, just stop.   And No you didn't make palisades destructible, you didn't make the topic did you >:U  So shut up, and stop posting on EVERY damn corner of the forum.


Hey you leave him alone and insult me instead since I'm worse guy around here,again, not that I care.I don't care about other's opinions.

I didn't do a topic, I did it in COMMENTS. Fucking C-O-M-M-E-N-T-S. Go to Egzekutor's topic about palisades, jeez

You're right,man.I mean this hate is no different than real life case of mine.I mean I didn't do anything to contribute to game but still,I may posted some comments that help actualy.

I mean,what they can see in me rly?But still,I don't give a flying fuck about that so I'm fine.

Considering being half-soulless,my situation is pretty good.


I wasn't talking to you, so stop trying to take the bullet.  Also none of this applies to real life, I'm going of what i've seen so far, the proof of what both of you do, but I'm mainly attacking Ukryty because he's commented the most against me so I reserve the right to fight back.

Well I've taken so many bullets now that I don't care..

classic "i dont care" card from a teenager
stop saying "i dont care", its not an excuse

the key word there is some


Not as much as your weeby profile text.

Weeby - Used to describe anything weaboo-like (obviously)

Weaboo - A term directed to anyone that is not Japanese, that is overly obsessed with Japanese culture (In a bad way) to a point where they become annoying to most of society.

...I can't tell what you even mean by that lmao, not sure if you're using weaboo as a metaphor as somone obsessed with other "gaming-cultures" or some other crap....

I meant weaboo,for fuck sake.Are you that dumb not to notice it from context.

The fact that his profile pic looks nothing weaboo related lmao.

Well,his profile pic surely isn't,though can't say same for his attitude but I can be wrong.

He has the most wilds.io relevant picture out of ANYBODY in the fucking forum you moron, It's THE VOICE PACK >:U

My also :3 

Ok ok relax,for the love of god.I was just saying,jeez,cool off.

he had a sao profile pic at the time (disgusting)

Yea,thank you,man.Why do you give a fuck about my profile?.Weren't all those shitcomments and shittopics I ever made bothering you instead.I don't complain about your profile at all.


63 comments on this post in 2 days
i dont need to say anything more

21 comments are seals
12 are mine
this is just stupid

It's stupid to listen salty and toxic person complain and not making any difference.Well I try too,but you can't resist from all hate,just as much I can't resist the urge to respond back to your weeby comments.

up to 82 comments in 24 hours

My blood pressure risen up to 170/30 in few seconds..


enough evidence or do i need to keep going

Did you forgot to mention my birthdate aswell?!

so when you have birthday, you can do everything?

No I didn't mean it that way,ffs,it's reffered to J4sh1n's comment about complaint.Better not ask why.But now that you asked in your context,almost or pretty much noone gives a flying fuck about it,but not that anyone cares so I'll just stop talking now.

everyone on this topic gives a "flying fuck" LOL

Not everyone,me for instance.Why do you give flying fuck anyway?


This topic is to prove we don't give a flying fuck, by giving a LOUD flying fuck.  

Irony is fun

Funny part is I've seen a majority of the community on this one topic, so CONGRATULATIONS.  You've brought the community togethor in a gigantic shared HATE

maybe hate is a strong word, STRONGLY dislike it better

Again,I don't care about your weaboo drama queen chlichés.Just stop crying about it.That way both of sides will have some sort of clear mind to settle this,without hate and chaos,but noone will listen,especialy to me since I'm on bad reputation now,so it's just sad to hear and see,and not only my

comments for change.

cant even think of another term besides the word weaboo because i used the word to insult you

i cant say anything but STOP

I actualy can.You were acting toxic and melodramatic,making elephant out of fly,but no worry,man,I can change it so you won't cry anymore.I'll fix some mistakes and some will fix me.What I ask from you is that you stop being so negative about this and harming everyone and yourself.Look man,

I don't want to be your enemy,but if this is worth the huge drama,hate and toxicity,then I rly don't know how it will turn out,even if I fix this back.

you probably care the most about this post out of all of these people. how do i know? cuz of the amount of comments hes posted on this post. i think he posted like 40... and guess what? they were all useless.

i like wilds

Just cuz' they're useless,it's further proof that I don't care about others,well argue continues and such,but going further is different.

You care about others

I don't care about anyone,only about myself.You're fool if you think I'm caring for others.That Seal is gone now.

I care for you too. Let's make you great

Why?!?After all this I've caused?!?That would be like ressurecting Hitler.

I vote to make you dictator

Jesus fucking Christ!You want me as dictatof"!?Nah uh!!

Over a two person FGM-148 Javelin?  Not cool...


2 dislikes...suspicious asf

,-, The skepticism is high with this one.

So is my blood pressure.

Huh, the post is about Seal/Ukryty making "50+ comments".
This post has "50+ comments" from Seal/Ukryty. (Plenty of comments)

Yea,also forgot to mention my topics and all comments in general,but hey,everyone forgets sometimes.

What Seal and Ukryty don't realize is that every time they post a stupid comment here they are bumping the post, which makes more people be able to see it, and it also increases chance that rezoner will see this post. Nice one guys

Don't give me that bullshit.



I abstain from voting this, if it makes you feel better.


NOTHING makes me feel better,legitely.So go ahead,dislike the living Jesus out of me.

Don't be afraid

Do I look like I'm afraid?!?!Well think again!!


Mild mannered i take back anything i may of said bad about you. You are a genius.
Also, take a look at these comments.

Seal you amaze me. You obviously do care about other peoples opinions because if you didn't you wouldn't have commented a billion times on this post. "I didn't do anything to contribute to the game" If your not doing anything to help the game then get the hell out of here. THIS IS THE WILDS.IO FORUM, a place where your supposed to make posts to help wilds and post PRODUCTIVE AND USEFUL COMMENTS. You post comments here like it's the #shitpost section of a DISCORD SERVER. "I may have posted some comments that help actually." I'm not about to go through your 2,000 comments, but I can assure you, the amount of PRODUCTIVE AND USEFUL comments you've posted is 2% of your 2,000.

I didn't meant previous thoughts literaly,jeez.Also,not just comments count as way to contribution,but topics too.Welp,noone will understand or want to anyway.Why you waste your energy,time and effort on arguing and not changing much.Btw I won't even talk about how chliché this is now.Just don't waste time on some ordinary ppl like me,especialy strangers.

Thanks Pain, and take back what?  I don't remember much of a trifle with you.   Also it's not hard to get out the truth from them, they are pretty damn easy to manipulate :I since they respond to like EVERYTHING.

Easy to manipulate?!I don't give a damn about your thoughts on me.


Than why do you reply.  Why do you defend yourself and act like you are backed against a wall. if my thoughts are meaningless to you, difference between you and me is I could give less of a shit how people think of me, and mean it.   You on the other hand, lie to us and yourself when you try to say you don't care.

He's so right. Seal is responding to almost every comment on this post and then he says he doesn't care or it doesn't effect him. It clearly does, if it didn't he would not be commenting so much on this post. What I think is that he is scared that rezoner is going to see this post and get rid of him. But, this is where Seal doesn't have any brains. The more he comments on this post the more times it gets bumped, increasing the chance rezoner will see it, and take action on it. 

Welp,I can't effect on anything now,nor my consequences or health state.Welp,ban is not neccesary.You may not see me ever again since of my condition,ya' familiar with me and my e.coli,aswell as acute renal infection first acused in 2012.

Welp,if it screws up,you won't have any problems with me on forums anymore.Well,God bless ya' all.

thanks for playing the iconic seals "i have a disease" card.
so fucking predictable
and yes, a ban is necessary, that is the whole point of this post

You haven't had had e coli :(

yes, i never had "had e. coli"
i dont see why i would have to have e. coli to see why its bad

Yea,be happy you don't have it.Don't make fun of that.

I feel like seal and ukryty disliked this post :/

also anyone know who ukryty is ig? just wondering

Why would I dislike it?!Then sheepie,your feeling is wrong.

Nobody knows who is me if it is beyond game - my in-game name always was Ukryty.

make seal an ukryty modorators

I detect an alt-account

Sorry but no


please make seal and ukryty mods PLEASE

FINALLY, someone who GETS IT

Don't you think it would make all users remaining this forum run away when we become moderators? We are most hated users here (actually).

Yea,Ukryty lead me to dark side of the forum...

You guys should read the forum on the phone. It's fun to see the comments all squished up because you guys are commenting soooo much. you know you don't have to respond to everything, right?

I can't login to forum from my phone - it keeps logging me out after I log in.

Did you try refreshing page?Or readjusting account settings by getting password change?Cuz' it worked for me.And if that doesn't work,it will be fixed back naturaly in few days.

"Use voting system instead of comments like yes, no, ok :)"

Meh . . . it's not as bad as it used to be, i'd give seal a break.  Least he'd pledged he'd change.

shall i keep going?

No.It's no use.I'll soon be swated as fly so be happy about it.

Wooohoooo, more J4sh1n's useless comments! Yeaaah! Wooo! Yeepeee!!!





let them make new accounts

they fix kick!!!!!!!!

um sorry if im late but if seal and ukryty are always commenting then should they be comment cops cuz they are always active...

this forum has no place for anyone with a life 

so if u dont have one read all the comments and comment on those   

not active in a good way...


whats so bad about that

I'm one who all the time was watching this forum. Almost everyday. This is reason why this place will be better.

Heard about the news.  I guess I know who the downvoters are.

Oh heyo Bigness

Lmao... This is sorta over, unfortunately.

Hey Jashin, don't we need another Comment Cop for Seal's sister soon? I feel like she is doing the same things as Seal, her brother. I'm not saying now but soon if she doesn't stop.

I think its the Ugandan Knuckles.. 

nice 🅱️ump 🅱️oi. 

🅱️ruddah we will show you da wae

why are you asking me lol

but maybe, ive had my eye on her for a while

You have the popularity and the influence in the forum. Also, you founded the Comment Cop in Userecho.