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I think that many people are loving the knew ogre. even though it is extremely O.P.

so these are my thoughts on how you could improve the game by changing the current monsters as well as adding new ones:

ogre: the ogre is 25% smaller than the current one and has 30% less health and 80% less health regeneration. the ogre also has grey clothes on instead of brown. they also no longer have the charge ability and the wave ability. they appear 1-2 at a time.

troll: the troll is 40% smaller than the current ogre and does half as much damage. it also has 50% less health and only has the default attack and the throw move. trolls appear in groups of 3-5 which makes them a lot stronger. the trolls also have long black hair darker skin and thinner arms. it holds a club instead of a hammer

giant: the giant is 20% larger than the current ogre. it however is exactly the same apart from that. they tend to only spawn in 1 or 2 at time.

titan: the titans are 50% larger than the current ogres. they also have three times as much health more health but 50% less health regeneration. the titans are the giant gods. they appear very rarely and only one at a time. they have tanned skin and often make huge echoing loughing sounds. there clothes are black and they wear a silver crown. they also gain ranged move which makes them breath fireballs.

bear: i think that the bear is fine now.

behemoth: the behemoths are 50% larger than the bears. they also have x10 more health. to make them less op they have 30% less health regeneration. they are the ultimate beasts. there skin is very dark bluish instead of the brown for the bear.

gods: the gods are normal bots but have the health of a giant. they also have a random weapon helmet and ability.

sword and Greek helmet: regenerate special x3 faster

spear and Greek helmet: move 25% faster

staff and wizard hat: regenerate special x10 faster

bow and hood: regenerate special x5 faster and move 20% faster

hammer and viking helm: special regenerates x2 faster and releases a giants smash

claws and wolf mask: special regenerates x5 faster

all the gods are 20% larger than the usual player so they stand out.

shadows: occasionally a portal opens on the map and releases 5 shadows every 10 seconds. it has the same health as a door and can be destroyed the same ways except the hammer. each shadow is a bot player with one third as much health. all of them have the claws and viking helmet. they are 25% smaller than normal players and move 10% faster. all of them are only a black silhouette with no other colours or shading.

wolf: wolves are like goblins but deal 1/4 damage to players. they also have as much health's a player and move 25% faster than a goblin. they appear in packs of 4-8 and hunt down players as a group.

dune snake: the dune snakes are like mini sand worms. however they poison a player instead of killing them. while poisoned a player slowly looses stamina. while they have none they take 1/32 damage per 2 seconds and move 25% slower. the poison ends if they player uses any potion. the snake itself is the speed of a goblin and when its body comes out of the ground it is silver in colour. it also deals and extra 1/4 damage on a collision. the snake has 10 health (players have 8). it takes damage form all attacks like a normal player.

every minute there is a dice 1-100 rolled to make one of the following appear:

1-30: bears

31-40: trolls

41-50: dune snake

50-70: wolves

71-75: portal

76-80: giant

81-83: 2 giants


86-90: behemoth

91: titan

92-100: nothing for 10 minutes

i hope you liked this idea thank you (:

Nah, you was working so long to post this idea, but this idea after reading ALL of this is just... shit. We can't have too many monsters, do you even thought how many time Rez could need to make it?

it isn't to long. it only took half an hour to write.


Man,all those ideas are nice,but it would take a lot of time and effort,not to mention,rez works on daily quests so...we would still wait for all those monsters to come,and there wouldn't be so many of them.Again,it's nice idea.

I agree. But also one thing: most of this new beasts is just copy with other size, and changed statistics. Not all but majority. And because  ogre was released not long time ago, i don't think Rez will works with new beast soon. But i can not have right.

This would take huge amount of time and effort just to do the monsters,and he's occupied with making quests,I doubt there would be some major changes.

Btw,those titans sound cool,it'd be like Shingeki no Kyojin(Aot),slicing titans like Levi or Mikasa,but that's just mine preference.Shinzo wo sasageyo.

Damn anime brother here :3

Did you watch aot s2

I'm waiting for s3,it takes a lot of time

The armored titan is one of my favorites though I don't follow the series closely. BTW, Captain Levi is kinda O.P. That Monkey titan though is ugly as fuck as well.


Bears and wolfes is good idea.

nah too much work for rez

i looked over it, and actually most of it wouldn't take to long. mainly because its only making the current monsters with different stats size and some minor differences like tan or hair.

...I like that idea but I feel like that this will take up too much space.

I think wolfs are the only good monster in this idea 

the other are just copy of the eccisting monster or too complicated or OP

sorrry but its my opinion

are u saying that the ogre isn't op?

Better idea: Make new type of monster - It's a cat and has special name; gerry yolopolo the hobo.

i saying god titans are too OP 

ogre is just great as it is

troll should be stronger than ogre XD


And should look same like this one:

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