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Arena spectating suggestions- Cheer/jeer button

Knight of Rage 7 years ago updated by TheLegion27 7 years ago 20

 The chatbots are really abrasive and annoying, could we tone them down just a little bit?

Also, there should be a cheer/jeer button for spectators to punctuate on great plays or bad messups. Of course, put these on a cooldown so they can't be spammed. These buttons could play a cheering or jeering sound effect, and there could also be confetti or rotten fruit thrown onto the arena to accompany the respective sound.

wait there are chat bots?

When you are playing the game there are these annoying bots called "not mistodel" and "not egzekutor" that say a bunch of random stuff over and over and it's pretty abrasive stuff too

I mean when you're playing an Arena match

Under review

I believe they are not bots just users alternative accounts.

Rez u say "The observers are dummies that have unique emotes like YAY, BOO, etc" 

I'm not using this extension so only not Mistodel was using it. I told already for not abusing it.

Are you sure?? 😉

I waiting for something like this :3

Similar and has been suggested by your's truly.           +1


Also, stop breaking the One Idea per Week Rule! Only I can do that without consequence.

If Rezoner notice this comment what I'm replying by now, you can get banned.

Ukryty, Rez knows that he is kidding... but he's doing it too many times.

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST user has been banned for breaking One Idea per Week rule. \(^_^)/


In my opinion this game need more animations.

Not Egzekutor, Not Mistodel and I have the extension Marez made. S/he included a random cheer button, which you could spam with. It should be fixed

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay (18357 yay's later...) yay yay yay yay