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Character Spasm

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 2 years ago • updated by Dead Wolf 2 years ago 8

Why does my character spasm when I use normal attack? It's really weird...

Here is my character standing normally:

Now here is when things get a bit interesting...

Is this a Bug? Or is this a intention part of the update? I think it's a bug since many bugs were reported when the update came.

yeah it's like nausea 

It's the bouncy animations from the marketplace wilds

I prefer current animations over Marketplace animations...

People became dwarves for a split second... nobody knows why but a legend has it that a Ogre pulled a wizard trick and so people...

same i tried to record it but i was too lazy 

i think it will look nice if it had more of a lunge effect

Under review

It's a jelly animation I am using to temporary fix disappearing characters (after sinking into the pit) because it resets scaling.

oh ok.. so not a bug but a annoying animation...

I agree with you