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I don't know about everyone else, but I experience lag when ogres are around, especially when players are around the ogres as well.

This has happened in the past as well, I believe I have a video on my phone or on my YouTube channel of an "infinite-tick" bomb.

Look, I'm not going to put fuel on the fire and feed this but realize what your doing isn't helping the game or forums in any way, regardless of if you're attempting that goal or not.

This post doesn't frankly help in any way to the game and its community, ban appeals should be dealt in private with rezoner.

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.

I apologize for not being active on the forums for quite some time. All likes and constructive comments are appreciated.

Exactly why is it bad to bump a post that was never successfully completed?

Your name is the true troll.


>Causes everything but peace.