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Just a small suggestion, try instead of using the topic to convey your overall point — provide some evidence or reason why something should be changed or added to the game. It helps with your claims, rather than having two words (or none) in the text box. It tends to lead the topic to have a lot of questions and concerns on if it should be added to the game.

Maybe YouTube had some internal errors while processing the video?

I guess you can say, "This hell is fun as hell!"

I'll talk to Enkk, I moderate the Discord as many know. I'll make sure I can get you an admin rank.

I'm pretty sure this has been stated by rezoner that this would be added, but I'm not sure. If not, this is definitely an idea we need to implant in the game.

I disagree with this because if you add any form of gold farming, all people will do is farm for gold and lack maintaining the base in the teams occupation. It would disrupt the overall flow of combat in my opinion with some players just wanting to farm while others want to have all out combat.

Boy thanks for telling him, now I can't have my fort invasion fun of "where the f*ck did he enter from!?"

This post is well made and brings attention to the community about the lack of CTF. I have constructive criticism to add onto this post on two main points mentioned/commented above.

• Bots guard the flag if few players are playing CTF.

- @v2 and I have made a post on this topic, but I can't seem to find it. But it reinforced the topic of bots being added for the simple fact to the keep the game alive. The players are the ones to create the "wandering" feeling around the map.

~ "We want CTF back!"

- The primary reason CTF was removed was (from my understanding) because veteran players wanted Desert back for ol' time sake due to the fact (sadly) that ~70% of old veterans have retired because of rapid change. Desert in my opinion has more population than CTF ever did.

Those are some shit sprites, i'm just kidding.

I am having the same issue.