Rezoner Came Back?

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 6 years ago 31

I did not play and did not access the echo for a long time;
One question, rezoner came back?

;-; He's not 'back' fully, he's just busy in completing wanderers.io, which will come out soon ;v

Back before Christmas, he said.

christmas passed?

...No...No Christmas has not passed yet.


it just seems like that cuz they complaining about him not coming back before christmas 

This is something I dread. The game has taken a toll on Rezoner and we failed to realize it.

While we dream up ideas for our own benefit of entertainment in this game, we fail to remember and take into consideration the endeavors Rezoner has faced for a game he dreamed.

We ARE the monsters that threaten the future of Rezoner himself.

Just like what I've said, Rezoner is always busy with stuff, so he doesn't have time for wilds.io. ;-; He's a game dev, and like all game devs, they are always busy.

He can't forget about us, because wilds.io is his "best" game so far, and we, the community made wilds.io grow.

He's married, has games to finish, and other stuff to do about.

And just like what I've said in my post: https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/4355-post-apocalyptic-forum/

Pressure pressure pressure pressure

What's Number 2?

And yes, I agree with Etheric Form...


have you tried his new game in beta?

I didn't play his game and I'm not sure if I'll even try to play it - I'm pretty sure this game will end up like mechar.io did.

I feel the same too, sorta

I dont feel the excitement I felt when i discovered wilds io

Uh... It's nearly Christmas, and Rez isn't really back.


Calm your asses,we have plenty of time here.

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