Unban seva, the sevalution

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Opening Quotes

"u may kil jizzus but u cant kil the jizz" - unknown

"Dont forget hi, Dont forget, He will make you a Scherbet " - Seva Kotletki's Pureschoy


2017. Astana, Kazakstan. September. This mood and events of this date were reflected in the slow tapping of the rain against the window glass, the heavy footsteps of the people, and the dark shadowy fog moving across the long deserted desert map.

Many of us may not recognize this date, yet for the real wilds players, the veterans, the true barbarians...this date weighs heavy as a gore covered stone in our heart.

AS MANY, many of the new people may not know, this date was the date that Seva Kotletki's Pureschoy was banned from the wilds forums for the final time.

The fall of Seva did not just indicate the fall of one forum user. It represented the fall of an entire set of ideals, a movement, something that ca’;t just be represented by words or a simple low resolution lock image on a profile picture of a man sitting in space with noodles above his head. The banning of Seva meant the fall of real creativity in a vast desert of "fix kick fix bow pliz pink team omg" posts that have saturated the forums. The fall of Seva meant the fall of real creativity. The fall of Seva meant the fall of originality. The fall of Seva meant the fall of a real caring community united under a love for a funny pixel game.

Introduction follow up

You can see, the stupid trollers on forum Or shit-posters Like "Beep Beep I am Sheep (He is better now) and I sucks Shreks co*k."

They was the worst people on Forum.

I sucks Shreks co*k is post only reisist, KKK, and other offend posts

Beep Beep Sheep post only supid things

Conclusion to Introduction - a call to action

Now that rezoner is not here I think its about time we get our tin foil hats, dark closets and cheap lenovo PCs, and hack userecho to unban seva. Or just convince rezoner to unban Seva.

Jesus once said: "You are realy think Rezoner is a realy look on this idea? YOU ARE THINK REZONER WILL TURN BRUTAL, BARBARIANS GAME IN TO THE MY LITTLE SHITY? "

We should not only feel an urge to fight to unban seva, but an OBLIGATION. Seva was unjustly banned and deserved much better, and in this post I will prove this to you. Here are the reasons why I believe seva should be unbanned and given another chance.

1. Seva's posts were quality

Ironic right? no.

Now some of you simpletons may not understand the real complexity of Seva's posts. Because to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Seva's posts. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical reader's head. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Seva truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Seva's existential catchphrase “Don't forget hi, Don't forget, He will make you a Scherbet ” which itself is a cryptic reference to Steven King's Polish epic "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

Back to being serious though, seva had some good posts with REALLY good ideas, and many were even implemented. Whether or not the implementation originally stemmed from his posts, Seva arguably had the most relevant forum posts and had more ideas implemented than any other forum poster. (Note: Egzekutor’s posts were often pre-planned and discussed with rezoner, and not an idea posed directly to him and the community.) Here are some examples.


Killstreaks (and with voices) (implemted exactly):


Idea for using fists (implemented):


Idea to add blood/gore to the game (implemented): 


Pretty much graveyard gamemode (implemented):


Coin assignments (idea number 2) (implemented):


Addition of campfires (implemted):


Crates that replenish health (implemented and extended):


Crowns for kings (implemented):


Additional voice packs (implemented):


Pit falling animation (implemented):


Choppable trees (implemented):


“Ruinous” floor tiles (partially implemented):


Jumpable items (implemented):


Bosses (sort of implemented, basically ogres):


Bomb glitch (bug fix):


It is obvious that Seva DID have good posts...whether the writing style worked for some people or not. This is much more that Seva has to claim than 80% of wilds forums users.

2. There are people who are much worse

Although seva may have been a troll, and his forum post layout wasn't that great, there are people who are genuinely toxic. Take, for example Mac/Jashin/Wunderwaffle. One look at his comment history and you'll wish his posts were history. He admits, and pretty much everyone knows, that he can be a massive jerk to people he doesn't know, especially someone who isn't boring. Seva also pointed out the ridiculous posts made by suck shreks cock or someone like that. He was banned, but it is important to point out that there is a big differencein between HIS shit posting and SEVA's shit posting. Because usually, Seva's post topics usually concerned the future of wilds.io while shrek's posts were just pretty much griefing the forums. (I admit that there are a bunch of exceptions but seva apologizes for those) Much is the same with Wunderwaffle's posts. Although many seem to be for the good of the forums there are also some which are plain douchy. (ex. dear newfag...why dont you know what a description is? ) It looks like some people just don't understand that people don't communicate like assholes to each other in the real world...they communicate with memes like seva does.

If you look at their posts - seva broke less rules. The official rules for the forums are as follows:

  1. Keep posts relevant

  2. One idea per week

  3. Constructive comments

  4. One idea per post

Let's be honest, #4 has been ignored universally so i'm going to ignore that. Seva FOR SURE followed #1. And broke #2 and #3 but has promised to follow these from now on. (but even these instances were kind of rare) The other posters on the other hand break all of the rules at once MOST IMPORTANTLY #1. NONE of the other rules matter when you don't keep the topic relevant. Seva almost always followed this with the posts.

3. Seva is an OG

Seva has been around longer than most of everyone out here and is more concerned for the game than most of the forum users are. If you haven't seen this from his forum posts already, 90% of his posts are made concerning WILDS, and making it BETTER. (posts, not comments)

4. Seva promises to be good

"I will try to dont break rules, i see ALL shitposter's....... I understand, how shitposting can KILL Forum. I CAN MAKE THAT FORUM BETTER! Uuh..... Maybe not(((. I'll try.... Try..... But if i will get banned, or this post will earn 1134890290 dislikes........... I will get up..... " (C): Seva


Although many do not realize this, seva was one of the best forum posters in the history of wilds. Many of seva’s posts were disliked just because of the layout and how he wrote them and how many he posted. But frankly seva’s posts are much better than most of yours and id rather have myself banned than continue to have seva banned.

Add me to the list of SEVA SACRIFICES, and start the SEVALUTION!

Image 2842


This post doesn't frankly help in any way to the game and its community, ban appeals should be dealt in private with rezoner.

does it LOOK like I made it to help the forums in any way?

Look, I'm not going to put fuel on the fire and feed this but realize what your doing isn't helping the game or forums in any way, regardless of if you're attempting that goal or not.

k. its too bad we cant see who downvoted, really a shame

it was me

well no shit...

down, seva posted gore


I don't want to be in anyones side in this type of "thesis-statement"...

Seva did make some innovations, and took the L gracefully...

He has spammed countless memes, changed the whole forums after his ban, commented unnecessary comments, and might have caused "epilepsy" to some people...

But...We all have done things countless times just like Seva, right? (But in a less, intense way)

I've been playing wilds.io and watching its community almost from the very beginning. It's sad to see people who you actually know leave, especially close friends who leave abruptly.

There's only a handful of people that have been banned, and they are at fault for what they have done. I don't think there could be any chance, sadly...

And as Egzekutor said:

This is fucking serious,in a good way though.Seva needs to get back cuz of his creativity and honesty,aswell as he deserves second chance like everyone.I see he's willing to help game flow and grow no matter the consequences dealt by his recklessnes,which is by far the best reason to get him back,so I agree.

It's very unlikely that it would happen anyway...

well the reason why this is hard is because seva was already unbanned once...

but i still agree, i miss seva's actual creative posts.

I love the format of this...

Seva did have good ideas, but they were some minor things like graphics and glitches.

Nothing that will help us now.

Maybe wait until Rezoner gets back?


Yas, and most of them are animations. Graveyard was cool, but it's ded.

Using fists was probably his best, but...

Crown for king? Kill streaks? Doesn't help the game very much...

+1 still.

Oh my god. Just read that DESCRIPTION!!1!111!

I got on this forum after seva was destroyed, sadness be about my mind.  But being banned by Rezoner is fair game, he got himself into that hole and Rezoner had to have done some investigation . . and this is coming from someone who personally doesn't like Rezoner for abandoning wilds to its broken state. 


Even if all this was true about Seva being the most creative thing that ever happened to this forum, what can be done?   He can obviously get a phone, and use that instead to make another profile because IP blocking goes so far (if that's what happens, I don't fucking know because I never got banned) but he isn't going to get unbanned, it's not happening.   And it's quite obvious that the forum has already reached it's community climax and went into a downward spiral.

10 +1 and 10 -1


Not another forum war ,-,

Probably most controversial topic in the forum rn...

can someone sum up for me?

seva was a person who got banned a while ago for being kind of irritating, but he did have some good ideas, and did want to contribute to wilds, so spag here wants to unban him


The worst part is: there are people currently in this forum who have gone way beyond Seva's deeds, and they still haven't been punished. Look, can't we all focus on not commenting useless stuff?

Seva could be on extreme probation...?


This moment when the votes are equal and you can choose whatever post is bad or good.

"Take, for example Mac/Jashin/Wunderwaffle. One look at his comment history and you'll wish his posts were history. He admits, and pretty much everyone knows, that he can be a massive jerk to people he doesn't know, especially someone who isn't boring. Seva also pointed out the ridiculous posts made by suck shreks cock or someone like that. He was banned, but it is important to point out that there is a big differencein between HIS shit posting"

seems like you got tired of me, so you banned me from seva revolution.
im not going to change because people dont like me

no i kicked everyone except me and pyo, just like i said i would a month ago