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The concept is good, but I can already sense bugs of infinite ricochet and other issues. People would remain out of combat, and it's already bad enough that people don't get into combat in the arena. Rolling and kicking seems to suffice to some players, adding ricocheting objects would be a risky move.

This time used for a potential crossbow could be used patching needed bugs and issues in the game. The bow already has enough issues to be patched as it is. Adding more issues to the equation is not the smartest decision.

You need to chill the f*ck off, you betrayed us uraniumBitch. Quit being on your period, some day you'll go far.. and I hope you stay there. We can manage without Desert.

Again, this is a beta testing. New things will be patched, fixed, and updated within' the future.

uraniumBitch, when your ready to act mature and take this to a Discord chat instead of blocking us. Then we will talk, until then - go hang yourself with v5.

The new CTF mode is still in beta testing. Remember this game is only ran by one person, but it is best given some time for change and fixes.

To be honest, it is suppose to be like that. Pinpoint naming people is first, very rude, and secondly useless. There is no banning system. So, lay off on your menstrual cycle and relax for a bit.


I have never heard of this glitch, it may be a one time occurrence. If this continues to happen, it would be best to see if Rezoner can look into this matter.

This indeed is another possibility, or even have all four options:

- Wait

- Desert

- Ruins

- Train

Apologies about the questioning, our clan is very cautious with frauds and what not.