Wanderers.io BETA

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I am almost done with the new game. 

If you would like to give it a try and help with balance go to http://rezoner.net/wanderers/

Post your findings to this Userecho -> https://wanderers.userecho.com/

Oke, that's a good info



its a christmas miracle

wow I died instantly

Woot! Time for some fun hehe... ^_^

ooooooooooooooooo new game :D

Well...Took me a minute to figure out how to play. Then I realized...I SUCK :D. the minions are so slow.

servers dead apparently

Finaly out,hype is in the air.


Made a "makeshift" basic guide on the wanderers.io forums :v and listed potential bugs at the very bottom.

Anyone going to make the wanderers.io wiki?... The community could provide info ;-;

This UserEcho is the wanderers.io wiki

Edit: Here is the wanderers.io wiki: https://wanderers.userecho.com/forums/1-general/


Glad to see this game is released!

A couple quick observations after playing it a short while.


The camera pan system feels a bit clunky, because you must move the totem to see around the map. I think it would be better if you can click the ground and pan the camera, but the camera will not let the totem go outside the edge of the screen. In other words, the totem is like an "anchor" that the user can pan the camera around. (I feel this might be a little confusing, so if you need clarification just ask!)


The little people get pushed out of the way of the mouse. This is kind of fun but it's also oddly unsatisfying not being able to hover the mouse over your people XD. One thing I did notice is that you can move your players while fighting, which may give an advantage or disadvantage. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

Those are my thoughts for now. I may have more when I have time to play the game a bit more.


The game is based on RNG, so you only see visual image of game calculations. Messing with your troops while fight won't affect the results of fight. (assuming you only play with them using hand)

My sister abused the hand moving people by letting her people attack, then pushing the barbarian away when it tried to attack, and it worked repeatedly.

make a topic about it on wanderers.io forum and don't bump old topics pls

found couple bugs

GUI overlays and isnt readable



Post them in the wanderers.io forums https://wanderers.userecho.com/.

Make sure to join the official verified Wanderers.io Game Discord for community discussion, meeting new friends, and contacting the game developers!





Can't wait for this crap to die.  So he can get back to fixing a REAL game . .

For your information: When this game die, you can say bay to wilds. This game is last chance for wilds, and when you say "Can't wait for this crap to die", basically you want also kill wilds...


IT plays just like the siege game Egzekutor . . . I MEAN . . . really . . IF THIS IS WILDS.IOs last chance . . . who's fault is that?   People said once when I dissed wanderers.io "Oh he can do what he wants as a dev and make what he wants" That's true, but he's not gonna be able to do anything once he wastes resources on something like this.  I personally admire his skill at creating games but NO ONE is gonna stay on and play this . . it's a switch from a skill based, hack and slash to click and drag survival.   TELL ME who is in the wrong, me?   Or the community not foreseeing this and voicing REAL concerns.  

No, I'm going to sit around and be the 'bad guy' but it's true . . . there isn't player competition . . . it's just slaughter.   There's no tense moments . . . there is just people ramming into other people.   SIGH And what is there left to kill in wilds.io while we are at it.   WE HAVE REAL issues that have easy fixes and he's off in wanderer.io dreamland.   HEH what's the next update?   BOTS?!  He's gonne need em.

um dude I understand and I think I agree too

but whats bad about this comment is that other people will not agree cuz ur making us triggered saying that after we waited for mad long

also relax its just the beta  


A beta?   Yea it really LOOKS like it's going in the direction of a hack and slash.  Also I don't care if people don't like the truth, they can stuff it and learn to deal with it, because this game is going downhill.


dont have to be rude tho

every game start from something

and it will need too start from something

it is a game whit great potantial

i tired the beta it is a great game even as beta


Jeez, don't have to hit every single thing with a full on "truck". I mean, things are subject to change once in a while. Who knows if Wilds.io may continue to be a success and if Wanderers.io will be just as good as Wilds.io.? 

Most of us already voiced concerns for the damn game and his forums, it's already repetitive. 

We all have our own definition of a "great" game, take that into consideration.

.io games don't really survive due to the world's "game trends". But there is still a chance to give some light to both games.

The gameplay of Wanderers.io may seem repetitive and boring, but this could change.

Hell, even if both games flunk, it was Rez's decision. We all have to deal with every single thing.

I mean, if people like you want a tense and hack n' slash game, we can all go back to Dark Souls.

Save the adult, or save the newborn, community decides.

I think I agree with you too, as Joseph (not)Cool. Everyone know new gamemodes made by Rezoner in wilds.io are dying in few days, mechar.io is like a "ghost cities" in China(If it is even called ghost cities - I just mean there are cities built in China which are almost empty, with no people living in them, and mechar.io is like that - it's just empty.) and now there's incoming new game called wanderers.io which is like wilds.io but you have a group of warriors, so people will probably come back to wilds.io because they will say "it's the same game, you just copy wilds.io, Rez" etc. and I see no chance for this game to survive, and I'm pretty sure wanderers.io will end up same as mechar.io died.

Now was that really necessary.   

No, it wasn't really necessary, this was absolutely necessary :D


T r I G g er E D

they dont want to eat the green shrooms

A tutorial should be implemented. Otherwise, new players like myself will struggle with the new learning curve.

*Cough cough upcoming full on guides in the wanderers.io forums

*Cough cough upcoming wiki?

nerf armour buff shields[?]

smaller agression area i try to run from somebody and my inions just run into his army



I just died from that

I ran from everything but mushrooms, trees, and bunnys.


And bunnies killed your army