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The Vigilante Gaming Guild is currently occupied by twenty-two members not including the following:

• Bots (2)

• Visitors (2)

• Ranked [Protected] Visitors (2)

• Streamers (2)

• Allied Leaders (1)

• Allied Members (1)

"You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win." – Ted Turner

"The Vigilante Gaming Guild is much more than a so-called, 'guild.' Our members are dedicated to doing their best, for themselves and the community. We recruit only elite members, based not just on skill but on their potential to change for the better. This is our 'guild' way, we will stay strong and never back down." – The Vigilantes

We only accept those with true skill. People like oatmeal who glitch, are not permitted in our guild.

I would say 5-10 letters, more like you can only have 5-10 letters of the same character.

You forgot an additional "lol" and "gg".

I wouldn't say that isn't the best choice, because once you leave - you remain vulneralable to the whole reason of this forum post: Type-killers.

This is completely taken wrong by you Troll, if you read in the article it states: " zones scattered around the map..." There is no possible way that the spawn camper can locate which zone will you spawn at. Due to it being random chances on where you were actually spawn.

This would not work, for the simple reason of while you are in the middle of combat a player can simply just press enter to bring them invincibility when they are not actually in the process of typing.

It's a shame he lacks skill and results to this when he plays, this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

This is true, but the addition of a possible arrow-barrier? To have an anti-throw barrier would solve this issue, preventing all airborne objects from hitting the safe zones.

On your view on fleeing to a zone, if you tag the player you are chasing for a minimum of ten seconds, this would prevent this. If they "pretend" to advance, and you tag them - this disables them from entering the zone.

Chances are it was a glitch, the game itself is not popular enough to bring actual hackers to the equation.

It is rather self explanatory, it would be helpful for managing each individual players in-game score.