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I just noticed the grammatical error, apologies for any confusion.

Doesn't this imitate the claws?

I can understand that point of view. Thanks for your constructive points, that helps out this post that much more!

With code, anything is possible. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This has already been added in-game as of 5/31/17: @rezoner.

That is quite alright bud, some people tend to be harsh and unreasonable but just know that to the majority of your ideas are seen — just try to stick to the "historic timeline" of Barbarian/Romans themes. You got this.

Everyone hold your horses, he did nothing wrong. Instead of being belligerent and hating on him, maybe help and guide him away from posts like these.

You realize this games has potions, it use to have guided arrows, clones and wands. Are you trying to tell me the Romans/Barbarians have those?

Apparently expressing one's opinion over the forums gives you the right to call someone a 'noob.'

I would make the option accessible in the controls area, like a checkbox for the notification of FPS/ping in-game. I would also suggest adding color tones for FPS.

• Green - suitable frames per second

• Yellow - moderate frames per second

• Red - low frames per second