In-Game Items - Item Spawn Issue?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 7

Topic of Interest: Ever since the games release, the method of how items are spawned for the players have been consistent. The item floats above a gray square until a person picks it up and after a certain time limit has been reached, the gray square spawns another random in-game item and the cycle continues. A recent glitch that I've stumbled upon relating to the 'spawners' got my attention.

Possible Solution: Of course since Rezoner is busy working on wanderers.io, I don't expect this glitch to be fixed immediately - but I at least want it realized and fixed in the future. I am unaware if this was only visible by me, or the whole sever (talking about the glitch). 

Image 2841

It may seem like a normal picture near two item spawn points, until you realize that there is two hovering spawned items. After taking the picture, I walked over the spawner to see if I picked up one or both of the items. I picked up only the bomb while the knife seemed "frozen in place" on the spawn idol. Going over it multiple times did nothing and with nothing else - the knife remained even after a new second obtainable item spawned. 

Is this a simple textural glitch, or is the coding for how items spawn messed up?

I apologize for not being active on the forums for quite some time. All likes and constructive comments are appreciated.

Apology accepted

I like the way you organize your topics.. sorta like mine :p

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.

i think it might be a problem with the server and after it affects you you can see , what i think it happends is that other people dont see it after they restart but you can kep seein how weird it is, i recorded all the that happening

There has been some similar problems to that bug issue that I've encountered such as: Unpickable bones, item  affect visual glitches, and "infinite-tick" bombs. 

This has happened in the past as well, I believe I have a video on my phone or on my YouTube channel of an "infinite-tick" bomb.

I recorded a video of the unexploding mine...and then I went into browars... :/