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The games popularity should be increased before these ideas are implanted. Fixing bugs and small ideas is much more of a priority, than adding large projects like this.

The Vigilantes are one of the last remaining guilds of with over 15 members.

The adding of ranks is too much management for the developers, and too much IP logging/saves for each individual player.

Not that, it's just that our guild has had some issues of betrayal and being cautious of this is a mindset that is needed to protect a guild from failure and deception.

What makes you so interested in our guild, Devil'sAngel? I have never met you before, nor have I ever seen you.

I agree with your claim Rezak, I never have noticed it before you brought it up. I now see the point you are making about "players" being very crude with movements and attacks. Not blocking, delayed reactions, etc.

@Jaedong - You have your entire life to be a selfless jerk. Why not take today off? This website is not for pointless insults and slurs, it's made for resolving issues and bringing ideas to reality. Now, I suggest if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your comments to yourself.

I should clarify that Rezoner has said that he will implement the guild system and it is one of the projects that he is working on.

We are just recruiting before the update comes in order to be established and have quality members. Sorry if I sidetracked in my previous answer :)

Great to hear that. You can go to the general chat and say "I'm here". I will message you with our guild invite then.

The guild 'system' are not listed in the game, for they are a mixture of people who are named in a guild, such as The Vigilantes. We have a Discord chat full of members who team up to make the game better through helping updates, notifying bugs, and having clean and fun fights. People can create guilds if they wish too, but too many guilds in a game can cause corruption. The Vigilante guild is the oldest and most popular guild in the history of Our motto is:

"The Vigilante way is the way that brings the community and game together in unity. The goal of our guild is to be together with the developers of the game in order to bring clean, well-made, efficient gameplay to Every member that is in our guild is special in their own way for they are each a contribution to making the game better than it ever will be!" -Saii

We recruit only the best of the best, and you could be on! Do your part for and make the game better by joining The Vigilantes!