What would you like for halloween?

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I mean - obviously I am not going to buy everyone a gift but do we want some haloween theming :D ?
Like pumpkins and stuff? Ideas?


Add more blood in the game, if possible.


10% more gold


- pumpkin helmet
- little skulls instead of blue balls for mage
- weapons made of candy cane (xD)
- black cat pet following player instead of the crown (for the 1st place)
- little ghosts instead of goblins
- little bats flying off from players corpse (death animation)

mage shoots wrapped candy and special is a larger one that makes you stick still

archer shots the popping candy ( it will bounce on screen ) and special is spicy candy 



My CTF back.

id like you to ask us before you add coinhive thank you very much

also *What would you like for Halloween?


everyone is always a shadow in every game mode ;)


Random shadows spawning xD

Maybe a temporary reskin of items(just the ones you pick up in-game, not hats or weapons or anything)

I would like some candies ;-;... I REALLY NEED SOME CANDY!


pumpkin as weapon in shop for free temporarily. normal damage. normal speed when thrown splats on ground and slows down players


what about a hallowin voice pack?

demostration file :


This I like for Brai
Bcuz Brai is such great guy
Plus idea is so amazing
Players' voices will be blazing

Is this a trick or treat scheme? I feel like that we aren't that quite through yet...

I would like Candy as Potions, costumes, and Halloween themed cape.


Jack-o-lantern helmet! there's already a Christmas one why not PUMKIN :D


I think pumpkin hat will be good, but also i was thinking about cape but with darkness inside. Like wrath from the lord of the rings. 

Also for halloween event you can bring back old style of items, because bomb fit perfectly, and hp pot looks like a bottle with blood xD

Small pumpkins or other funny elements on the map also will be good ( i can help) bue.

It wouldnt be bad to add spiders or undead aswell.Fighting off zombies would be lit.

soo... potions drinking sounds like a sip? like siping on blood ? then you have a pumpkin with fire on it? that can be really nice

fort decorations,...remove trees for pumpkins...soo axe can chop down pumpkins and rebuild fort :D


Deleted CoinHive from game? :)

it was running for an hour :)

It was a hour too long working.

you could change the skin of the wizard's hat temporarily, turning him into a witch hat

(big difference) =/

It'd also be good to add black smoke when you respawn or die,but also when you run.Maybe something like this:

Bat wings, of course.

Or ogres coming back to life or sand worms popping up from below and snatch you then kill you,that'd be lit.

Black cape??


For Halloween I would have:

-Vampire's Fangs as a new Hat.

-Map redesign (addind bats (like chicken for Easter) and some candies (heal 1HP)).

-Tombstones (like in Graveyard mode) new relieves.

-Zombies (Gobelin's AI level, can't run, more life, stronger than Gobelin (damage) and chase you in groups like 3/4 Zombies)

 Werewolves (Ogre's AI level with differents attacks, more life than Player lesser than Ogre, run faster than Player, screams sometimes like old stories and drop a lot of gold and candies).

I don't know if you can add so many features but thanks for reading my comment.

Creepy sounds that make you swear. Or maybe once in a while just have a slender man pop up with a creepy sound. Loud.

Makes no sense. I bet that most of the players have the sound turned off, cause there is no volume slider. And Slenderman doesnt have anything to do with Halloween.

had to remind you that about 70% of the players are little kids that would sheet their pants instantly and stop playing forever

Childhood traumas,flashbacks,eeck.

Or once in a while you could do an announcement which says: Zombie Horde And a bunch of zombies come out and you die and they eat your brains and everyone screams and yay.

Well. To be serious, you don't have to die. It's hard to survive tho

i would like stuff


I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

XDDD This moment is the best in game.


I would love....

-Darker maps

-Zombies in fort

-New items

Sudden events like a Shadow invasion in Fort




3. Brai

4. Dead Wolf

5. Unsummon

6. Ophelia 7. MisToDel

8. Venet


You're not the best in this game, * I assure you. * You're crap. You're a nob. Do not lie.

Wow,what an ego.Though I doubt you're that good.Good,but not quite.

you forgot someone.... 

*cries inside*

Oh don't cry,I'm certain you're good.Though I've never seen you ingame,but I'd like to see your skills.You can meet me on Friday and weekends with matchmaking "Seals" if you want to have friendly battle with me.It's your choice.

wow.....i'm DarkLord555

mislim stvarno......

Bazinga!!Ne vjerujem da sam te zajebo,a ti?Lol,da si se vidio samo.Kaj si fakat povjerovo'?

arent there supposed to be only pros on this list?

Dunno honestly,but It's list from Pizza guy,it can be wrong,but so can I.

becouse there is one guy called PIZZA0 on the list

noobs on pizza list:

PIZZA0 (he made this "leaderboard")


No idea about  Ophelia because she is very low on SEALS leaderboard of bones and lowest rank in arena :v

Don't you dare underestimate or doubt in my soldiers,veteran.Regardless of her skills or ranking,it's joining to our clan is sign of loyalty and trust in our fellow men and try to contribute to this clan any way possible,and there's nothing wrong with that.

So why her 1k bones don't change to 11k from ages?

Dunno,but bones don't make the good soldier.You're veteran so you should know,jeez.

*cough* alt account *cough*

some people just dont play fort.  I find the mode quite boaring because all you do is chase around runners.


She is damn good. And petty.

I know.Feisty girl.

Sigh. Aahhhh...

I've never met a weirder person.


we need to suggest something simple and cool, like a redraw of some textures, maybe some little creatures that wont affect the game real  much, something like bats

i really want wolves to be added ;(

We really want night:

Noice.Can you go to discord.I finished my creatures.