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Makes no sense, orbs of life are healing extremely fast.

But this guy is something else, he doesn't use some glitches, he just walks through walls like its nothing

Rezoner, is this possible to add?

It would be, but think of it - you can use it too, to set a trap :D Imagine this: you use the potion and you're staying in one place, because you're waiting for an enemy running away to finish him. As he gets closer, you're getting ready to throw a finisher knife or set a mine that will make enemy confused (WHERE THE FUCK DID IT COME FROM? AH!) and eventually possibly die. It should be a very rare potion though - it might be abused.

Also - a boomerang is a very cool idea!

I saw this one, you're just falling down through the wall and die :V

if the new year canwas samarati infinity denehy.I think

So do I! Great ideas you have there.

That's what I wanted to say :D