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Your daily quest is to collect gold.

Nice poetry

No, because casuals will quickly be able to buy another weapons and stuff. Work hard for it, god dammit.

It's an explosion, it kills everyone in radius. Doesn't matter who it is. And if you're getting points from this (usually from killing bots) that's good for you, isn't it? D: A good player will dodge it, and if not - it's his fault, and you're getting his points. As simple as it can be. When I'm at the top in the ruins and my teammates are trying to kill me - I find it funny XD

A lot of people were talking about it in chat, that this guy is abusing some glitch to win duels.

White spaces on the letters, fill them. For now, 1/5

Maybe you glitched the game by scrolling down the page :P

He just wants to change button settings xd

My question is: how much did you scroll down to see it all? :V