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Is it just me or there is no volume bar anymore?

Siema. IMO no, because it would replace kick. Instead of this I'd change the attack pattern: mouse click to melee attack and holding lmb to shot an arrow (which requires normal time to load an arrow and shoot, like in current cooldown - of course the arrow would release on will, when you release the button). This would make using archer less chaotic and more fluent.

SJWs would say it's discriminating, you now, red Santa and his green minions XD

Not bumping yo ass on the wall is a matter of skill too. This needs to be brought back. I just can't imagine this game without it.

No, this is the worst thing that happened lately. You could stay near the wall to make enemy stop using roll, and focus on blocking-counter attack only. If you'll focus on kicking - you'll get hit by a weapon, so it's too dangerous. There is no way that you could *anticipate* since anyone can roll instantly after block.

I said ADD OR REPLACE. Depends on dev's decision.

Oh yea, it's way too big ;0 I'm gonna buy it when it will get smaller :V

Dodałem link z tym "pomysłem" żeby przywrócić obrażenia od ściany. (I added an "idea" to bring back the wall damage) HERE/TUTAJ Pls give a thumbs up if u agree ;_;