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Remove Invincibility Period

BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 7

Adding the invincibility period removed several elements of strategy from the game. It is very annoying and I wish to see it removed.

Under review

What kind of strategies do you mean beside camping to trap someone in a never ending fallen-down state?


He's so OP that he needs to keep you stunlocked, to avoid fighting.

Pretty much what Josuke said, except for with less sarcasm. Please hear me out:

The so-called "Stunlocking" you speak of was a skill. If done correctly, one could inflict a significant amount of damage in a 1v1 (group fights rendered it useless). However, the knocked-down player could also counter it by rolling as the other player was on top of them, turning the tables for a chance to score some damage.

I don't understand how using an effective damage-dealing battle strategy, of which both players can use and counter, means to "avoid fighting," but that's none of my business.

I will admit, however, that at the time I wrote my original post, I was under the impression of two things:

1. People with invincibility could not be damaged by bombs.

2. Dealing any kind of damage would cause the invincible state.

The other strategies I had in mind depended on the inverse of these two axioms. I see now that I was wrong in my assumptions, and for that I apologize.

Nevertheless I implore you: Please consider this unfortunately-named "Stunlock" as a strategy, not a bug.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Well, I agree with your verdict, but not your method of thought. I wrote a post about this too about a week ago. The problem isn't that it's being considered a bug, the problem is that it was fixed before the patch. They had well-enough time to either jump if the opponent was rolling or block if the opponent was kicking. With the new 50% opacity on invincible targets, these prolonged invincibility frames aren't as much of a problem, but I would like to see them cut down just a bit. I think it's a little unfair they get that many ticks for a free disengage, because that makes it much more easy to escape, and if you want to keep climbing the leaderboard you need to secure those kills and it's hella annoying when literally 70% of enemies start running once they reach half-health because these changes drove them toward a coward's mentality. It wasn't like that in the alpha, you fought it out back then. Now most of the time fighting just devolves into a game of tag, and that's not healthy for the flow of the game.

You said it better than I did.

When I mentioned this strategy being a bug, I was referring to a few forum posts I had seen that were reporting it as such.

Invicibility period actually helped when playing the game for it works for everyone. Also Uranium and Berserker are both experts so i suggest that you talk advice from amateurs aswell.

I am humbled by your compliment, but I must ask:

Why is it better to take an amateur's advice over an expert's?