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Make It a downloadable game!

Moshio 8 years ago updated by achillesRising (aR) 7 years ago 5

This game is amazing and should get the credit that it deserves!

This game should be a downloadable game, more like an indie game and less like an online game like agar.io etc...

I think that calling it Wilds.io just gives it the feel of an Agar.io or Slither.io remake... which is realllly sad in my opinion because its so much better than all of those games, It should'nt even be compaired with them.

I think that making it a downloadable game and changing the name (even just removing the ".io" and just calling it "Wilds") will give it a lot of more recognition and the credit that it deserves.

Hope that makes sense to you. Keep that awesome work on this game & Have a nice day! :)


Put it on steam! On steam!

Under review

The reason is simple - I cannot put ads in a downloadable game - and gold sales are very low. Meaning - if the game would gain traction on Steam - it would fill up servers without gaining any revenue for which I could buy more servers.


Hmm. Perhaps make the game cost, like, $6.00? It seems worth it to me. Sure, we would need more content before putting it on steam, but I would definitely like to see you get more aggressive with your add placement. You could probable compress the menu a bit and add way more banners, spiking your revenue.

Perhaps making a more compelling freemium system-besides a few weapons and skins. Maybe you can buy the right to spawn with consumable items, like bomb and knife?

I'm not going to go into suggestions now, but one thing that needs to happen: change your engine to a 3d modeling service. This would allow you to add a whole host of cosmetics, like hats, weapons, special effects, etc.

It would not be better to let the game grow a little longer.

this game deserve better support hope the developers earn enough money